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Elijah proud and in time

the kindy band. Not bad for 5 and 6 year olds??

a repeat of yesterdays action dance for the new audience

each child gets a hug from the teacher

dog bus

train bus

cat bus

parking for sports. check out the white cars!!

Riin and boys

Waiting for the high 5 when the 10 pins went down!!

cleaning the oysters

the BBQ gets started

Akiro and his brother (?) tend the BBQ Mark and a cousin...

baton relay in progress! Marks team v Rivers team

Elijah does his thing

cleaning up

more fireworks

River having fun with fireworks

fireworks finale

and the very last

First up was a school sports day. Not the boys school but their kindy had been housed there while their own was being rebuilt. So the oldest classes had been invited to perform their drum routine and their action song as their contribution to the day.

Impressive performance: those little kids were mostly in time as they marched and continued drumming as they went through various formations. I didnt time it, but it was a long item for little ones.

When the performance was over the teachers handed out a thank you package to each child including lollies!! Children stood quietly in a line waiting. When they had their package, the teacher and each child bowed to each other. the teacher shook child's free hand with both free then gave the child a big hug. The kindy procedure for the end of each day.

Check out little kindy buses. Kids are picked up each day in one of these.

Next year when Elijah goes to big school he and friend will walk. Kids are much more independent here. It was good to see.

We didnt stay for the actual sports events but there seemed to be as many events for parents as for children. We saw a hoop race (Propelling the hoop around the track with a stick and a team event with two people balancing a ball the size of a basketball with two sticks. THere was what I thought was another race but it turned out to be cleaning the track for the next event! Two women with straw brooms (like our pictures of witches brooms) ran flat out down the track whisking the track with their brooms.

I wasnt fast enough and/or close enough to get decent shots of these events, or the sweeping!

Have included parking area photo. Note the white cars so the ash shows up on them and they can be cleaned before the acid starts eating into the paint

Lunch was a detour to a bakery. Take your tray and walk around central counter/table and take your pick of mostly savoury, some sweet baked goods.

Took washing to Riins (just so you know there are mundane moments) then back to Akiro and Meikos house to prepare for the much anticipated Japanese BBQ and to get to know the boys a little more.

Then it was time for the BBQ

Akiro told us this was the proper way to have a BBQ. Everyone sits around it and takes the food as it is ready. Not like in Australia where the meat comes to the table when its all cooked and everyone starts together. By then a lot it is cold.

Chop sticks order of the day (I am improving) . small pieces of Waygu steak, small fish, oysters, winkles, another large shellfish and a variety of vegetables including but not only corn and sweet potato. There were also cold mostly pickled vegetables.

Having watched some events as well as practising for their own sports day, River decided it was time for a baton relay around the cherry tree (which had lost its leaves in a recent storm and now thought it was spring. One lone new cherry blossom!)

THEN there were fireworks in the back yard. People really are expected to take personal responsibility.

No noisy ones. And no worrying about children, though a discrete eye was kept on them, the children wouldnt have known!

Another great day.

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