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We must be having too much fun. I've fallen behind a couple days.

We left Baddeck Monday morning and drove about 45 minutes, took another small ferry to a town called Iona at the lower end of Bra d'or lake to the Highland Cultural village. It chronicles the life of the Scottish people by replicating or preserving the homes from before they left Scotland and why they left to the early 1900s. Every home had a character in them, dressed the part and very knowledgeable. Even speaking fluent Gaelic. They have them cooking stew on the wood stove or baking cookies.

So driving there, Len says....great thing about this time of year? We should pretty much have the place to ourselves!! He should never have said that... So we arrive turn into the driveway, and to our shock and horror!!! 7 tour busses!!!!! Oh no! People everywhere... We drive up the very steep approach and into this crazy busy parking lot. And we become the spectacle. Everyone is staring and pointing, then start taking pictures! One guy we guess was European actually came right over, taking many pictures. Even came around the front of the truck, stood right at the bumper and took our picture sitting in the cab!!! People were milling about checking out the camper.

So we debated whether we even wanted to go in, eventually deciding that the bosses were starting to load. We did have a nice man from Edmonton cone over to say hi. They were all on a couple cruise ships in port in Sydney. So off we went with the dogs who were more than welcome. (Even in all the buildings). Brodie was as usual extremely popular. We spent almost three hours there. Thoroughly enjoyed it. All but the two oldest buildings were moved to the site from areas around Cape Breton. The church was brought about 100 km on a barge across the lake. Only having the steeple removed. They then had to bring it through town, then up the very very steep hill to where it sits now, the highest point in the village. We were told it was quite a harrowing process.

We then went back across the ferry to head south out of Cape Breton. Ending our day in Truro, where we hoped Freddie could get his oil changed in the morning...we woke early, which wasn't hard as it was a very cold 4 degrees. But unfortunately we couldn't get him in. Hopefully we can in Halifax. The Maritimes don't have the quick lane at their dealerships for some reason.

So yesterday, we continued to the Fundy coast. Went through more quaint towns, with some beautiful old homes and meticulous yards filled with flowers. The leaves are starting to change slowly, still predominately green though. We stopped at the Walton lighthouse. It's the oldest in NS. 142 years old. They even allow you to go into the lighthouse and climb to the top. It stood at what was the busiest harbour in the province until the mid '60s. The town had the best mine in the world for Barite. It's a very hard and heavy rock that they grind into a soft clay, then it is shipped around the world and used for many purposes, but the biggest was as a drilling mud to prevent blow outs. They knew about the Barite since the 1840s, but didn't start serious mining until the 1940s, prior to this the town was big into building ships, it was a happening place. Unfortunately in the early 1970s a blast in the mine, broke open a fault line and it started to flood the mine. They stopped mining in 1974 and the last ship left port in 1978. The town has very little left now. Such a shame, so many of these beautiful little towns are dying slow deaths.

We carried on to another town called Avondale and did a wine tasting at the Avondale sky winery. Fantastic wines, we bought a case... We finished our day in a beautiful college town named Wolfville. Our campsite is a seasonal place mostly on the Evangeline Beach. We had lunch in a pub in town, I found a new fave. Salted cod fish cakes!!!! Yummmmmm. I'll be buying some salted cod to bring home!! We had a trailer pull in beside us with a very nice couple from glacé bay in Cape Breton. We enjoyed a really nice campfire and had a fun laughter filled evening with them. Stayed up late, so didn't get my journal done until morning. Today? More wineries and hopefully lobster!!

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