2015 Asia Adventure travel blog

Iwakuni fireworks festival!


perfect way to cap off my time in Japan with a bang!

noddles for breakfast from 7-11?? DUH!!!!

KitKat you bake in the oven? of course!!!!

two words.....MILK TEA!!!!

ice cream from a vending machine? why not!

waiting paitenty (???) for my lunch......

okonomiyaki!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!

no trip to Japan is complete without a trip to the suchi...


we won!!!!


Not word for how good this is!!!!

yougert water, just another thing I'm going to miss and never be...

a nice evening walk with my sister and beautiful goddaughter!

So long Iwakuni!

Ok so wrap up and photo dump (mostly food porn lol)

Japan was awesome! Best part spending time with family and getting to experience so many firsts with them! I could just go on and on listing things......like naked bathing Japanese men along the side of the road......but I'm just going to let my photos on this blog speak for me!

Sayonara Japan, I will visit you again!

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