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Around 40 minutes before sunset, the crowds begin gathering.

"Stadium seating".

On hazy days, you can get some interesting shots around 40 minutes...



On a clear day, a sunset is similar to sunrise...

That's why I prefer some clouds!















This cloudy sunset reminds me of a road flare.


Often, you can see great sunsets just driving up from Flagstaff.




See?! A "full moon" with the sunset in the background!

I'm sure as you read the last entry mentioning "amazing sunsets", you scanned the photos and were like: "Hey, Dave, where are all the sunsets?!!!" Well, here they are. I had a few more than I thought, and it turned out to be too many for that entry.

The second most common question we get at the canyon (After; "Where is the Skywalk, it's not on the park map?!") is; "Where's the best place to view the sunset?" Most of these pictures were taken from the Yavapai Museum, because sunsets usually happen while we're working. The most popular spots are the museum, Hopi Point, Pima Point, and Yaki Point. (Really though, it's the Grand Canyon... if you can see west, you'll get a good show. Even on cloudy days, we often surprised by a good one, the west has never disappointed us when it comes to sunsets. It's amazing what you can see with no billboards, buildings, hills, or buildings.

As a bonus, I've included a bonus shot that everyone thought was impossible: A sunset and a full moon in the same frame! Enjoy!

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