My bovine style grandchildren

Tashi, the 80 pound Newfoundland puppy

Dad and his old hunting buddy

Dad and his old fishing buddy

Linda with her college roommate

This goose lost it's mate and decided our new car was a...

Log rolling on the lake

The SU forestry students and Teddy Roosevelt

We finally managed to schedule some time to visit Bret and family out in Arcata. Between their schedules and ours it isn’t easy to pin down a week when we can actually spend some time together. So we flew out from Albany directly to Arcata which was a real treat; after flying across the country it is hard to make that drive from San Francisco to Arcata which is about 300 miles. Usually the flight up there is about the same cost as the flight from the east, but for some reason it was actually reasonable this time. We stayed right in town at a little B & B which was great – we were 4 blocks from their house, 4 blocks from the downtown square, and across the street from a great local grocery with wonderful morning coffee. We finally got to meet the new member of their family, an 8 month old Newfoundland named Tashi which they have had since February. He is really sweet, but already weighs 80 pounds and is still growing. Their older dog is a Bernese Mountain dog and doesn’t seem to be too excited about the addition, but puts up with his antics. We went to the beach and the dog park, the farmer’s market on the square, and the Humboldt County Fair while we were there, and enjoyed spending time with them all before school started and their hectic lives resumed. Zane is excited to be changing classes this year in 7th grade, and Terra is ready to be the big cheese at her school as a senior. Jolene and Bret are trying to figure out how these kids grew up so fast – we told them we keep asking the same questions about them.

My father had been taking care of Jim’s cat Alba for the month as Jim had been traveling a lot. I think Alba enjoyed having someone around most of the time, and my Dad loved having her there. He said it gave him someone to talk to, which I thoroughly understand, and he was amazed at how friendly she was. He really wanted to show her off to his friends, but she was not at all interested in leaving the apartment.

One of Dad’s old hunting buddies from New Jersey came up for a day with his grandson, and we went over to Vermont to visit another of his friends who was part of his fishing expeditions. I think he enjoyed seeing his old friends, but sometimes you wonder if it isn’t better to remember them the way they were. Buzz and I visited my college roommate whom we had not seen in probably 30 years and she has had a really rough time healthwise. I wish I had known about her problems as she lives in the Albany area and I could have visited more often.

Buzz and Suzie and I continued to try and get out and walk the trails as much as possible. The weather was pretty good, so we did manage to do a little floating in the river on our tubes even though the water level had decreased dramatically over the summer. We spent some time in the lake with our cousins Mike & Marie & Mary Frances at their camp, and had them over for dinner a few times. Mary Frances lives in Arizona and she and her friend Bernice are currently enjoying the beautiful fall weather in the northeast.

My sister and her husband came up for our last weekend before heading south, and we all went up to Newcomb to see our sister in law and her son and his wife and their kids. Newcomb is where Teddy Roosevelt was sworn in as president when McKinley was shot, so every year they have the “TR” weekend. The students from the Forestry School at Syracuse and from the local college have a contest which consists of log rolling in the lake and chopping logs, with both men and women competing. From there we went to lunch at the school and then for a hike on a trail dedicated to my brother. What started out as a beautiful walk ended with a deluge so we looked like a bunch of drowned rats by the time we got back. Buzz had gone on a tour of a mine in the area, so I picked him up and we headed for home and some dry clothes.

We always try to remember to start up the motorhome every month when we are not traveling, and had been doing that over the summer. But when we tried to start it up on Saturday we ran into some trouble. Evidently we had gotten some moisture in the fuel line, so had to have a mechanic come out before we could leave. That problem got all straightened out on our last night there when we had planned to take Dad out for a nice dinner. Instead, I went up the street to the local hot dog stand and we picnicked while we waited to see if we were leaving or not.

It was a wonderful summer; the Lake George area has always been special to us and to have the whole summer there with my Dad meant so much to us all. I don’t know what our plans will be for future years, but I would love to be able to spend some extended time in that area each year. However, we also have family that are 3000 miles away and spending some extended time with them is really important to us also. Any way to do away with that middle part of the country which separates the 2 coasts? I’m sure Donald Trump could figure out a way.

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