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Taken from the reef, when tide is out


Up and gone from campground by 9 this morning. Wanted to get to Hopewell rocks before it got too luck. The parking lot had many cars, RVs and even a tour bus already. Yesterday we saw the rocks when the tide was in, today it would be out so we could go right down and walk on the "sea floor". Len really enjoyed it, I felt duped by a tourist trap. Maybe at one time it was quite the thing to see, but for me today...I felt like I did in Ireland when we got duped into seeing the Liam O'Connor show.

So off we went to Moncton, which is a really nice city. It is built around a big river that flows to the ocean going out close to the rocks. The soil here is quite red, so the water looks like and is called the "chocolate river". The red gooey looking banks look several feet thick with mud as the tide is out. It looks like it would suck you in like quicksand. We stocked up on dog food and people food. Replaced our broken coffee grinder before we had crisis #2 and then set off for Nova Scotia. Years ago,on the Internet I came across a town called Tatamagouche, it is on the " scenic route" to Cape Breton. So, I had to go. Here is where bohemian rhapsody fits in...I sing the song repeatedly in my head...that annoying ear worm that won't stop. But instead of the Scaramouche, or whatever the hell Freddie Mercury sings...I sing..Tatamagouche!!! 𿎶𿎶. Over and over....

So we join the highway in the gorgeous town of Amherst. This place is filled with some of the most beautiful Victorian mansions and homes I have ever seen. Main Street is one beautiful church after another. Really something to see!! We stopped in the above named town...the one singing through my brain. And checked out the local brewery. They recommended our campground which is phenomenal. The best one on this trip, by far! Being ocean front, with loads of space around us, peace and quiet. We feel very blessed. Our thanks and recommendations are to the gal in the brewery and sunset park.

So tomorrow we are off to Cape Breton Island, following the Ceilidh trail. Too bad our Ceilidh isn't with us. We're planning a stop in Mabue at the Rankin family's Red Shoe Inn for lunch. Maybe then my Freddie Mercury ear worm will be replaced by Jimmy and cookie Rankin singing fare thee well love....

I bet that is the first time ever,that those names have been in a sentence together!!!!

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