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So, I've forgotten to bring my camera the last few times I've been out and about, and for some reason my camera has decided that it's not going to upload my pictures. Soon I'll have pictures

It has been a little rainy here the past week. It not terrible though, I've still gone hiking mostly in the local parks. Lots and lots of trails and I have joined some local hiking clubs so no danger of getting lost. Got very muddy, but do have my waterproof hiking boots so my feet stayed warm and dry.

The rumors about there being very good seafood around here is true! I've been loving the salmon. I haven't really tried the other seafood in the area but I plan to.

I've been going out with friends from work that have also recently moved to the area. The other night we went to a trivia night and we came in second,(that's out of about 10 teams, not just 2) it was fun. There are a bunch of microbreweries in the area which have some tasty, local beverages, that we have been sampling. We have also watch Thursday night football which happens to start at 4pm here. Here in Anchorage, they also have breakfast/brunch Sunday football, which I haven't done.

I am still enjoying my job. It's so different working with kids but fun. I'm also getting to break out my sign language skills, which is also fun.

Thanks for checking in :)

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