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So today, we didn't go far at all. Which is just fine with us. Yesterday....we did absolutely nothing except walk around Saint Martins, and have a nap, before noon....

One thing that is really quite phenomenal is the huge tide difference. We walked the beach yesterday morning as the tide was high, the beach area was small, the waves crashing quite loudly. Went last night and it was so far out, you could barely hear the small waves. And the descent down from the top of the beach where we had been walking was huge, when you do reach the bottom the tide is still out another two hundred feet or so, we decided it was out from there about what it would be on the west coast. Really unbelievable!!

So today, we drove through Fundy national park, and a cute seaside town named Alma. Then on to Hopewell rocks. It's very touristy, we walked the path to the cliffs, then down a few stairs to a lookout, but the tide was in so we couldn't go anywhere. Tomorrow morning we will head back so we can walk on the sea floor. I think the excitement just might be more than I can handle.....after that in to Moncton for some supplies then we head to Nova Scotia. Len is so excited!! He's been waiting for so long to go. We are aiming for the Pictou area, which is where his mothers family were before coming to Alberta.

We've had really nice weather the last two days. New brunswickers get really excited about the weather!! They are always talking about it. They are saying we are really lucky to have such nice weather this time of year. The people of New Brunswick are usually very nice, always waving or saying hi and love to stop and talk. We have encountered very few French speaking people, but have sure heard a real mix of accents. Our campground neighbours sounded more like newfies to us. But very nice. This province has been a really pleasant surprise. Glad we will get to see more on our return from PEI.

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