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Covered bridge

Covered bridge

Hydrangea Trees

The bay of Fundy from our camper. It's actually closer than it...

Today we went east across New Brunswick. It's very beautiful and we were very pleasantly surprised!! In many ways it reminds us of entering the mountain parks, just before you reach the big Rockies. Quite hilly, very treed, big rivers, rock walls along the highway. The majority of our 3.5 hour drive was on new divided highways. This province has spent loads of money on infrastructure.

The trees are just starting to change, still predominately green with some beginning to show red, orange and yellow. When it goes completely, it will be something. We entered Saint John and drove straight to the reversing falls. The tide was about 2 hours after it had been at high, so in a bit of a slack but we sure could see the tide pushing the river back upstream. There was a royal Caribbean cruise ship in town, it was misty and foggy so unable to tell which one. (I looked at ship schedule, it was liberty of the seas) There wasn't much else we wanted to do, so just left town. We chose a campground about 35 miles east of the highway that goes to Moncton, it's a very windy but picturesque road with small quaint villages with many historic homes. We ended in this town, saint martins. Our campground is called Century Farm, it is run by the same family that built the homestead over a hundred years ago. We are camped right on the bay of Fundy. Took the dogs for a walk down to the water. Brodie our certified PFD (prairie farm dog) does not like the waves or the water. Autumn was pulling her way down to the shoreline. Surprisingly neither even attempted to drink the water!! Unlike our golden retriever from way back that wouldn't stop until he was quite ill. The town itself is filled with many many century old homes, built by ship builders. The two covered bridges are at one end of the town. We walked about 4 kilometres each way to get some seafood chowder and our first lobster rolls. The chowder was delicious, the lobster roll.....the bun was toasted but the lobster was cold and quite blah. Len was annoyed as they were not licenced, so no chance at a local beer... So all that for $65.00. Ouch,

Today I'm doing laundry for the first time...I was hoping somebody would magically take it and do it for me. No leprechauns for me.

Yesterday I forgot to mention about the vehicles in Quebec. Very high end luxury cars and SUVs are the norm, rarely did we see a car more than a couple years old and almost none with rust or dirty. And the RVs!! More in the one day than we have seen the entire trip. Also very high end, big and expensive. Big diesel pushers towing escalades. They also love their truck campers!! We saw at least 25. Prior to this, only a handful. Not one other arctic fox. But it's a brand that doesn't seem to have infiltrated to the east coast. Not even with their 5th wheels. So I guess in spite of all the complaining Quebecers do, they are not hurting for money!! Tomorrow is a hang out day, we are staying for two night. Next post will be from hopewell rocks.

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