Our second Lap around Australia travel blog

Jynooma Jamie, known as JJ. All bears have the first name of...

Border between Queensland and NSW

Back O' Bourke Information Centre.


PV Jandra, our replica paddle steamer.

Taking the photo that almost had me goosed from behind.....

The angry goose as I chased it off - finally!!!

Cornered someone else today.

Two Coolibah trees on the bank of the Darling

Must be awesome when in full flood.

The old Bridge into Bourke




Stopped at Tambo along the way to purchase a Tambo Teddy. They are gorgeous. Made entirely of sheep wool.

Here we are, in NSW, in Bourke. Another saying that was very much part of our growing up years was "Out the back o' Bourke" - meaning far away. Well, we have been there, and are back again!! The Visitors Information Centre is called the 'Back O' Bourke'.

Did an hour on the (usually) mighty Darling River on a replica Steam boat today - river very muddy and low but can rise up to 30 metres in flood.

Some lovely buildings in town.

An overnight stay in Trangie tomorrow, then a week in Forbes, visiting Parkes and Cowra as well as seeing all we can in the surrounding districts.

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