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Today was a very very loooong rained all night, finally letting up just before dawn. We started out before 9 heading east toward Montreal. It wasn't long before we caught up to the rain again...and boy was it coming down hard. And of course some pretty strong winds to add insult to injury. We were glad to be doing this area on a Sunday, but I think now it wouldn't have made much difference.

The highway going south/east of Montreal is a toll, this one was at least only $3.70. The bill for our toll around Toronto will be in the's gonna be a big one.... Unfortunately today, we witnessed a senior driver go down a credit card only lane, then decide to back up, several times hitting the curb. It was obvious he was getting frustrated and started going way too fast and impaled his car on the open end of a metal guard rail. Poor guy, not sure why he was against just using his credit he wishes he just did now.

The highway between Montreal and Quebec city is so, so busy I compare it to hwy. 2 between Edmonton and Calgary, mid day on a long weekend Monday. There is loads of construction, and then the blinding sheets of rain pouring down sure made it worse. We had planned to stay in Quebec City for a couple of days, but the rain was only supposed to get worse for Monday so we carried on. Hopefully on our way back we can tour the city. After we by passed the city we had another 170 km to go east before we headed south to NB. And my goodness....did we buck some wicked wicked head winds, fuel economy was extremely poor, as Freddie fought to keep us at highway speeds...then we needed our diesel fuel emissions fluid filled. Fortunately almost all gas stations carry it. But our perception of just how much it needed was grossly under takes a huge amount...4 litres or more.

We were very surprised at the size of the hills around Quebec City. They are like albertas foot hills, then the wide and majestic St. Lawrence seaway is paralleled by the highway we travelled. At times it was an ugly brown, which could have been from those crazy winds we had. But we did see some beautiful blue water as well. All the road signs are completely French. I learned some new ones today. And had a few good laughs as Len tried to pronounce them as if he was a true Frenchie...which he clearly is not. Haha. So far New Brunswick road signs are bilingual, and our campground host is not French at all. This should make tomorrow seem a little less like being lost in space, never really knowing where we are.

Tomorrow we are heading to Saint John.

So why the Pepe Le Pew?? Quebec and so far NB have little skunk roadkill EVERYWHERE!!!!! Even tonight while sitting in our campground...all of a sudden.....peeeuuuuu....another little stinker bites the dust somewhere. They are really small, so this years young, guess their mothers got sick of them all of a sudden and sent them packing....and they just love the highways!!! We will be keeping a close eye on Brodie and Autumn....that would be devastating!!!!

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