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Sailed off the Aegina where we will have 2 hours. Nothing is near the port so we had 3 options to choose from:

1. Tour the ruins and church. No, we have seen enough old rocks.

2. Panorama bus tour for photos and a stop at the local fish market to sample some seafood. No, we have had enough bus riding and Heather hates food from the sea.

3. Beach for swimming. YES!

Got on the tender and went to the beach for 1 hour. Once you got past the stones and algae in the first 100 feet the bottom was soft sand. The water was comfortable and very clear. After an hour back on the tender and the sail back to Athens. Took about 1 ½ hours to return. Heather and I entertain ourselves with her deck of Ohio State cards playing rummy. Neither of us could really remember how to play so we made our own rules.

Walking back to the hotel with Pat and Ilene we told them about the little restaurant we ate at the night before and that we would return as it is late and we have a 6:15 pickup in the morning to get to the ferry! As we passed by the restaurant Marcus greeted us with “Hello my friends”. We told him we would be back in 10 minutes and placed our order. When we returned all of the 3 outside tables were taken, but some people were leaving and we could just sit inside until they left shortly. The place was busy, all the tables were taken. Pat and Ilene showed up and joined us. We decided to just stay inside and eat. Everything was the same. Great service, great food. Yogurt, shots, tea and water to go on the house. Pat and Ilene enjoyed it as much as we had the first time and would not have come if we had not recommended it.

I believe the Aussies may be the friendliest people around!

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