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The Martin House in Buffalo

A side view

The neighborhood houses are vastly different from the Martin House

I was wrong in Saturday's update. Again. The lovely wife let me know that there is apparently another reason to voluntarily go into Buffalo. She found that there is a Frank Lloyd Wright house and it's in a very nice area of the city – who knew?

We grabbed some breakfast across the street from the campground, then headed into Buffalo to the Darwin D. Martin house. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the 15,000 square foot home for Darwin Martin, a rich – imagine that – local businessman and his family and construction of the original house was finished in 1907. To see the design of the house and compare it to other houses of the time period in the neighborhood, you can see how far ahead of his time Wright was.

The house has undergone a significant restoration and the breezeway, conservatory and carriage house had to be completely rebuilt because they had been torn down in 1962 as the owner at that time wanted to sell a portion of the property for apartments. I'm not sure how the neighbors feel about the property as it stands today, and the fact that tourists flock to the place every day, but it is surprising to see this style of home in this neighborhood and it amazes me that it was designed 110 years ago.

Our Labor Day was not very laborious, as it should be, but we did take a couple hour drive east along the south shore of Lake Ontario to do some sightseeing, a short Walmart stop to get a few things and then spent the rest of the day watching some Netflix. We leave here tomorrow and will be heading back east and a bit south to the Finger Lakes region of western New York for a day or two before we head to Vermont, then New Hampshire and finally Maine. Those are the last 3 states we need to visit to have visited all Lower 48 states over the last 5 years in our fast houses – another thing checked off our Bucket List.

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