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Roadside pullout overlooking Lake Superior

Our campsite in Neys provincial park. Very close to the water

We are now back to having cellular coverage, even so far as free wifi tonight.

We drove around the north shore of Lake Superior, very beautiful but winding, bumpy roads. We decided to try another Ontario provincial park, mostly because we really really wanted to stay on the shore of the lake. Boy did we hit the jack pot!! Neys P.P. Our site was right on the beach, and were we ever treated to a spectacular sunset! But even more interesting, the park is on Prisoners cove, and to our complete surprise we were camped right on top of the site of a former German POW camp. There was one here and another just a little farther east. They were built to house captured German officers from 1941-1943. They were apparently treated extremely fair, had a sports facility, a rec room and even formed a philharmonic orchestra. Only one soldier escaped from here. He was eventually captured and ultimately shot. From the other camp, 23 decided to make a break all at once. All but two were captured and they made it all the way to Medicine Hat before being caught. They escaped on April 18 just a couple days before Hitlers birthday.....

Quite a large number of the former prisoners came back to Canada and applied for citizenship!!

That was one new thing learned....the other is from where we stayed last night. Lake Superior provincial park. About 1.5 hours north of Sault Ste. Marie. Just south of this park is another provincial park, pancake bay. The Edmund Fitzgerald sank off the shore straight out from pancake bay. A life preserver from the ship is in the visitors centre at Neys provincial park. It took three years for it to float to the north shore.

We are having a love hate relationship with Ontario provincial parks. They are in such beautiful locations, and are far more private and spacious than rv parks, which we don't enjoy much. But!! There's always a but....they are extremely expensive, and very very rustic. It is hard to find a site even remotely close to being level. Yesterday we spent about 45 minutes trying to get level in the first site, we gave up went back and after much confusion finally got another, very flat one. Still right on the beach for the second night!! Another beautiful sunset as well.

Today we are in a private campground, right on the shores of Lake Huron with zero privacy but 5 minutes from the ferry that will take us across the lake to Tobermory on the Bruce peninsula. There we will spend the next several nights camping with Dave and Shar. Before heading down to the Toronto area to see my brothers fancy new house!!

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