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Best part of last two days???? LCBO..was addressed and thankfully rectified.

We got into Ontario, and we're so pleasantly surprised at how quickly the flood plains of Manitoba turned into thick bush. Kenora was really nice!! Very treed, waterfront ?city? With loads of green space because of the rock, lots of beautiful marinas with some really good size boats. Really pretty historic Main Street. Got some fuel for Freddie and for Len...

From there we ventured off the usual path and drove south towards the U.S. Border. We stayed at Caliper lake prov. park. It was a very rustic campground on a beautiful lake, they are seriously overcharging for this park seeing that it prob hasn't had its sites updated since the '70s.

It was a nice drive anyways and we are glad we went.

Today, we continued south towards the border, then went east to Fort Frances on an absolutely beautiful and underused highway to where we are tonight...Kakabeka Falls.

We've had many laughs today remembering our prior visits to the falls. We were both about 10 years old...although that means that Len was here many many years before I was.....

Mine I shared earlier on Facebook, and it's about my sister Elaine being extremely reluctant to join the group of us five kids to have our picture taken in front of the falls. It's so obvious on her teenage face, (she still hates having her picture taken). It's not funny for her...but it's my memory. Sorry Elaine...

Lens memory is so so substantially different. Him and his older brother went down to the river, with a couple of plastic boats and rolls of kite string....and there they were on the rocks....letting their boats go sailing down the river, and over the falls.....and they are really really high falls. He says to me...I don't even remember there being a huge pull on the string!!! Amazingly...they were able to sail those little boats over the falls, then pull them back up and go back to their trailer, all without their parents knowing.... It's true amazing those two ever survived childhood,,,

So, tomorrow we are driving around the top of Lake Superior. Which I am extremely excited about. This lake has eluded my visual enjoyment. Even though I have gone by at least twice. One time I remember, it was dark and probably extremely late as my dad drove some very long and crazy hours. The second time, it was about as cold, rainy and ugly as it gets. No lake sightings for this young un.. So needless to say!!! I am excited!!! Will start posting pictures of our journey hopefully tomorrow night!!

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