Our second Lap around Australia travel blog

Had a good run south..single lane sealed highway all the way from Mt Isa to Boulia. Biggest problem was the young male drivers who had no intention of slowing at all, despite us indicating, clearing the road completely and stopping. A couple flew past still doing their 90-100kmh, dropped their offside wheels into the rocky shoulders, and our windscreen bore the brunt. We were so ticked off at their stupidity. Other than that, we thoroughly enjoyed the day's run through some magnificent countryside in outback Qld. Is stunning in that every 15 minutes or so, the landscape completely alters. Wide open areas of stubble, prairie-like fields of waving grasses, tree belts, flat lands, and then hilly areas very similar to the area between Newman and Munjina in WA.

Headed into the tiny township once we were set up, and spent almost an hour in the Min Min Lights Encounter. It was very, very good. If you have never heard of the Min Min Lights, then google it!!

Got the Marine Reptile Fossil Display on the list for tomorrow, as well as the Stonehouse, so more on those once we have done them.

Then it is off to the Dinosaur fields around Winton....real ones, kidlets!!

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