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We had a major crisis last night!!! And it's only day 2....Len ran out of beer.....

I was trying to not over pack the camper, and decided we only needed a couple beer and some leftover wine, I'm from Alberta there's liquor stores on every corner!! Right?? So we can get what we need as we go. But apparently Manitoba is now being run by Mormons and the liquor stores are nowhere to be found....

For Len holidays aren't about that majestic peak, or those spectacular waterfalls, not even those 10 million acres of waving wheat in Saskatchewan!! Nope....they're all about the beer. What kind he had there, that new variety here...yep it's all about the beer!! His favourite holiday stories are about the time I left his beer in the freezer overnight, put them in the fridge before we left for the day, and after bouncing down the highway for 6 hours, he opened it to have a geyser of beer slush come flying out and completely drench him in beer. Or the time in Montana when he knocked the neon beer sign down from above the cooler...twice. My fave is the guy in the next trailer that told him it was too hot to drink beer!! Len stood looking at him for the longest time with his head cocked to the side, his mouth gaping this day he swears the guy was an alien. Hehe. But now, it's going to be about the day Kathy didn't pack enough beer.....

So last night, he dejectedly sat eating his dinner, walked forlornly down the road with the dogs, couldn't play a game....he just went to bed and read his boring book that he doesn't like.

So today!!! We're leaving the Province of Latter Day Saints, and were off to Ontario to pursue LCBO!!!

Oh! And to's not the liquor control board of Ontario....on no!!

It's LENS' CANNED BEER OBSESSION!!!! Kenora, here we come!!!

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