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Headng to the fishing hole!

Fish on!!

Silver Salmon on a fly rod! THATS what I am talking about!!!

Turkeys watching us fish

Jesse hauling the catch. Four Silvers!

The days bounty

Behind Tricia's house. Leaves starting to turn.

Trail to the back.

Tricia and her shotgun

Cotton grass gone to seed.

View from my backside when I fell in the bushes.

Beautiful swamp/ meadow. Very moosey!

We got up early this morning to get in some fishing time at Deep Creek again before Jesse had to go back to Anchorage for his flight home. We did not catch any fish today, but did see a couple of bald eagles. Then one had an air battle with a sea gull. A flock of seven wild turkeys came to the other side of the creek and watched us for a while.

Mike took Jesse back to Anchorage. Sad to see him go so soon. We sure did have fun. While they were gone, Tricia took me for a walk to see the rest of their property. They have about 8 acres. Behind them is a big marshy meadow. Moose and bear come here regularly. Because of that, Steve insisted we carry guns with us. We each carried a 12 gauge shot gun. Tricia had a double barrel, and I had a single barrel with a slug. Mine was the last resort in case the two Tricia had did not work. I felt like Annie Oakly carrying that thing. Fortunately for both us, and the moose and bear, we did not need the guns. At one point I was trying to step over a log and around a bush. I was losing my balance like in slow motion. Tricia asked if I was okay and I said “Nooooo” just as I fell flat on my back. I did have the sense to hold both my camera and the gun so they did not hit the ground. It was actually a soft landing since the brush was so thick. It gave Tricia a good laugh anyways.

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