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This is my first entry in our six-ish week journey. We got away from home much later than expected yesterday, so only got as far as Rosetown, Sk. The drive was pretty bad once we got close to the Sk. Border as the winds had picked up substantially!!! It was mostly a wicked side wind, but at times a head wind as well. We chose to quit driving!! The last stretch before Rosetown when we were driving in an eastern direction, Len suggested I just put the truck into neutral and let the wind do all the work....

Overnight the wind actually got worse and had the truck and camper shaking around. Didn't get the best the sleep...

This morning we were up early, got through the the secondary highways and hit the two lane highway, this is when I decided to make up for lost time the day before. Freddie, our truck doesn't even care that there is 5000 lbs. on his back. Off we went, keeping a speed of 115-120 all the way out of Saskatchewan. Winds were still horrible, but mostly pushing us along. They stayed with us until just before we stopped here in Portage La Prairie.

We will definitely be taking a better route home through Saskatchewan!!

One thing I did really discover today....Len is a HORRIBLE navigator!!!! I guess after 30 years of me telling him where to go, he never got that map thing figured out!! Lol

Tomorrow is Ontario!! And hopefully no wind.....

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