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Sheffield outside station

Sheffield train station

Georgina reaction when we arrived

Two brothers two peas in a pod

Dave liking the inside of the local pub

Up at 5.00am to catch the 6.00am train to the airport - can't wait to get out of Copenhagen - so angry. The station at the airport arrives right at the terminal we need to be at - so off the train and up the elevator and bang - we are at check-in. Now here you have to self check-in and the machine spits out your boarding pass and luggage tags. Then you attach your luggage tags and take your section of the label. Then over to the bag drop area - and again it is all self-service............you put your luggage on the conveyor belt and scan the luggage tag - then bang it takes your luggage and off you walk through to customs. This process is also extremely streamlined and we whisk through there - so by 7.10am we are all done and don't fly until 8.30am. We were totally amazed at the efficiency of this airport and the ease of getting through the massive lines of people.

So time for a coffee and a little bite to eat - we board at 8.00am and are in the air by 8.30am. Excellent flight even though the plane was full - and we got into Manchester 25 mins early. So we go through the process of getting our luggage, customs etc and are amazed how small and efficient this airport is (compared to Heathrow) - it is so easy to get around here. We go down to the train station and collect my pre-paid tickets (again all automated and easy). So now we have about 2 1/2 hours before our train (due to the efficiency of everything this morning) - so we find a little coffee shop and park our butts for a bit and chill out.

We jump on the train which goes to Sheffield - great train trip and my first glimpse of the English countryside - it is all so exciting. Green fields everywhere just like on escape to the country!! Arrive at Sheffield and we have half hour before catching our train to Lincoln. So we go and have a look around outside the station and it is beautiful - take some pics then board the next train. Had to laugh - this train was an old clanker - so funny!! It took a while for it to get going then it hammered between stations. The train was quite full by the time we got to Lincoln due to the Steampunk Festival in Lincoln (bank holiday tomorrow in UK). Finally we arrive in Lincoln just before 3.00pm - so excited now I can hardly contain myself.

We walk to the pub "The Green Dragon" - couple of minutes down the road. Ros came out when she saw us so she could follow us in and take pics of Gerogina's reaction. We walked in and said "G'day, any room for some Aussies". She just looked at us in disbelief - then the look on her face when it registered we were actually there was priceless. There was loads of screaaming and hugging and crying as you would expect. So we settle down and chat and have roast beef and yorkshire pud and a cider (Dave of course had beer) mmmm nom nom nom. Richard (Dave's brother) was still at work and was coming straight to the pub when he finished - he thought it was for something to do with Hannah. So Ros goes outside about the time Richard is due..........finally he arrives! He walks in and takes one look at us and says "oh hello how you doing - alright then" - it cracked me up it was just like he had seen us last week. Gave him a hug he shook Dave's hand, sat down and asked what we had been up to!!! It has been 10 years since we have seen him - so this reaction was hilarious. Apparently he was so gobsmacked he didn't know how to react. I couldn't stop laughing it was just so funny. We stayed there for a bit chatting then Ros said there was a cider festival on in her village pub.

So off we go to her little village (1 mile from Metheringham) and enjoy cider and live music and village life. It was great there were hay bales out, kids running round laughing, music, food, cider, beer and good laughs. Super fantastic.

We left there on dark and went home. George was in a panic about where were going to sleep, so she decided to put us in her bed and they would have the caravan. Richard came back for coffee and we sat around waiting for Hannah to get home (she was working all day at a festival). Richard moved his car so Hannah could not see it when she came home. Anyway 11.00pm comes around and she is still not home so George calls her trying not to let on that we are there. We deliberately locked her out so Dave could answer the door - he said "Don't want any fuck off" and closed the door. Poor Hannah fell in a heap on the ground outside and we opened the door she was crying so hard she couldn't speak. We picked her up and bought her inside and she cried for about 10 minutes before she could speak - it was hilarious (well we thought it was - not sure Hannah did). After everyone calmed down, Richard went home and we all went to bed exhausted, excited, tired but unable to sleep. So happy to be here.

Food rating

Roast beef and pommy trimmings - 8.9

Dave beer rating

John Smith smooth extra cold - 6.5

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