2015/16. ADVENTURE BEFORE DEMENTIA - End August 2015 - travel blog

Arran with Arthur 12th Aug

Lewis last photo late May

Glen Esk, out for a walk on a rare HOT day

Lily, aged 3 months

Arthur will be SO embarrassed by this one in a few years...

Himself and his dog

Enjoying Stonehaven on the other warm day we had.

Myself and my Swee'pea


The ring

Wed 26th August 2015

Sitting in hotel bar in Shanklin, IOW. We left Scotland on the 15th, arriving at Portsmouth on 23rd to get the Lady "snagging list" sorted before the years warranty runs out. So she's been in the service area since Monday, and obviously as we can't live in her during the day, to save hassle for them and us we've come here for a few days "holiday". Neither of us have been here before, so thought it a good opportunity to explore. Sadly it's done nothing but pour relentlessly, with low cloud so we've seen nothing. No change then from Scotland all summer. But it's been general this year we know, so no use complaining. Can't wait to get back to the sun tho!

We lost Lewis in early June, he was happy till the end; our vet came out on a rare sunny day where he lay asleep in his bed in the garden sunshine, Blue came over and touched his face with his nose then went off to sit on his own. It was a very sad time for all of us but we have loads of fabulous memories of this wonderfully clever and happy dog.

We've had a wonderful time with our family, Arthur is now 11 months old, and our great granddaughter, Lily is 4 months. Both babies so happy and easy going, it's always been a joy to be with them. Whilst home, we looked for a new house to share, but with criteria that had to be met, it proved impossible, so we have decided to extend the house in Marykirk and at the moment our architect is working on getting plans passed for a granny flat for us, with 2 more bedrooms & an ensuite over for the kids.

We have internet here downstairs in the bar only tho, so I'm writing this now while it's raining. Tomorrow (if all goes well with the servicing etc) we'll go back to collect the Lady and get off to Seascale to Roy's family reunion party being held there over the BH weekend.

8 of the party have traveled from Australia for this so it's going to be a very special occasion.

From there we travel back down to Folkestone for the Shuttle early Sept, then we will be truly on our way again.

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