We are in Jeju South Korea! 2015 travel blog

Beach 1st Saturday on the Island

Our apartment complex

going to the Hyatt for welcome dinner

My Kitchen!

the next Saturday on a different beach.

Alan's classroom

By the Hyatt

Alan's first day with kids

At the swimming pool.

Welcome to Jeju Island, South Korea Blog.

A lot has happened in the last year, as I look back on my blog my last entry was September 2014. I returned to China after a long visit in U.S. with mom and dad. Dad was not doing too well. When I got to China late September, I got a cold that felt like it lasted a month. The pollution was terrible, the new apartment was terrible, the only consolation was it was easier to get a taxi, bus, and a little closer to stores. Rather than spend the rest of the blog complaining about what China was and currently has done with their devaluing yuan. I will just move forward.

I returned to Albuquerque, NM, December 21st, dad was in the hospital. I was glad that I spent every day with him up until his passing on January 23rd. It was a lovely funeral with friends and family. Cousins’ Dan and Kevin came from Baltimore. We know the brothers would have loved to come but due to health reasons could not attend. Following the funeral in Albuquerque, Dad was laid to rest at Santa Fe National Cemetery, with full military honors. This was really special as most veterans do not have this priviledge any longer, thanks to Mike, Larry’s son-in-law, pushed the military to make it happen.

Mom is doing ok, but we all have our days, which is to be expected after 50+ years of marriage. She will go to France for Christmas.

We arrived in South Korea, Jeju Island, on August 2nd a very long day and a half. The staff at the school, Branksome Hall Asia, met us at the airport. They provided a truck for our luggage and two busses. The school is on the other side of the island about a 30 minute drive. Everyone also, made sure that everything was in the apartment and turned the a/c on for us, left us with a list of things in the apartment. Like how to open the keyless door and the remote to the a/c. The rest I had to follow the instructions given to us, how to turn the all in one oven, grill, microwave, and fermentation, the top of the stove, the washer with dryer combo, I finally got a huge “western” refridgerator! Everything was provided in the apartment. Even some food to get us through a couple of days, i.e. coffee, tea, sugar, milk, bread, butter, jelly, cheese and Jeju Island’s own oranges. (Yum) Even bar of soap!

The school provided us lunch and dinner for the next few days at the cafeteria, very good food. They took us to the grocery store that Saturday, immigration papers went smoothly (only a little bribe, secretly). We did not have to leave our passports with the police station for a week so they could “log” us in. The internet is super fast, we don’t need vpn to access Facebook and other sites that Alan needs to assist him with teaching. Feels good to be “free” again!

We got to go to the beach a couple of times that the school organized, went to a Lava tube on the island, the volcano hill to walk up and YES, they have Starbucks everywhere as well as Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme. Alas, I do not feel deprived so am working on losing weight. I have a couple of weeks’ worth of a meal replacement shake to help, also bought the Fitbit to count my steps and log in my exercise, if I don’t make my steps it tells me to keep going. I walk every morning or go swimming at the school pool. It is a nice pool too. So I figure the airlines are going to start charging by weight, I better start losing now!

We are so happy to be where the air is cleaner, lots of nature, and a healthier environment all together. However, Alan’s new curriculum and the process of the IB (International Baccalaureate) will prove to be very challenging.

More later,

Love Donna

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