Our 50 Year Anniversary Celebration 2015 travel blog

Jill's road

Our 50th celebration at Jill's started with the invitation


Drinks of the day

Julie with Andrew, our host

Jill, our hostess and niece

Shelby, Richard's sister

Cara and Andy

Jim and me



Jim has a few words

The clan

Patrick, Andy and Laura

The Walter family

Chefs Jill and Andy make breakfast from the leftovers


Jill and Juliet

Jill's house

Jill's house is lovely. It is off the Old Albany-New York Post Road, a road famous in early American history. It sits on top of a hill very near the Appalachian Trail. Only one othe house was visible way across the valley.

There were already lots of people there when we arrived. It was also Jill and Andrew's 4th wedding anniversary so there were some of their friends plus our family; our sons and their wives, Richard's sister, her children and their children. It was a lovely celebration with incredible food, that gorgeous cake, drinks of the day and much wine. Jill and Andrew were terrific hosts and a good time was had by all. We are eternally grateful to Jill and Andrew for making this anniversary even more special.

When the party was over and all the guests had left, Jill and her daughter, Juliet, Andy and Laura, Shelby and us spent the night in Garrison.

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