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The Charles Bridge (this was when it WASN'T crowded!)

In the Old Town Square

Cool architecture

Changing of the guards at Prague Castle (not really all that exciting,...

Prague from the top of the cathedral bell tower at the castle



Raime in a tiny doorway on Golden Lane

More tiny spaces

Funny medieval procession with hundreds of people in costume-very strange!!

A rare backwards turning clock in the Jewish ghetto

Old Jewish cemetary

Sunrise from our room (don't worry, we weren't just coming home!)

So we left the trickle of tourists in Olomouc to arrive in a torrent of them in Prague. Actually, we didn't find it to be as bad as we suspect it might be in July, but there was no shortage of tour guides of all nationalities leading their masses through the windy streets by holding closed umbrellas or flags in the air. Depsite all this, we really enjoyed the city. Everywhere we turned we could see a street lined with beautiful buildings of diverse styles. Just walking around and checking out the architecture took a lot of our time. We also visited the Prague Castle, which was pretty elaborate, with a huge cathedral, an old royal palace, and a couple of other sites we didn't pay to visit! Kate's favorite was the tiny street where the militia used to live in very small cottages. The cottages all now serve as souvenir shops, of course, but if you use your imagination a little you can picture what it might have been like. We also took a tour of the old Jewish Ghetto, including a couple of incredibly beautiful synagogues, and the old Jewish cemetary where perhaps 100,000 or more people are buried! Our tour guide was really great and very knowledgeable. Other than that, we found the food to be one of the highlights of Prague. We had a couple of dinners at an incredible organic restaurant which uses only local farmers, very cool, and also a great bagel place! Yep folks, it's true, bagels in the Czech Republic. And we agreed that the bagels were pretty much on par with a VT or a NH bagel, not bad but not NY of course!

We arrived in Berlin this afternoon after our longest train journey in weeks. So far we've found that it feels much different from other cities we've visited, mostly because of the post WWII architecture. Our hostel is the nicest one yet, finally! It's in a neighborhood with lots of families that feels like a real place where real people live, not another tourist center. Tomorrow we're off on another bike tour, should be great. Pictures to come by the weekend.

Hope all is well across the Atlantic!

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