Peter Meyer, back on the Voyager travel blog

Peter called from Xiamen and things were going well. It was early in the morning there when he called so he hadn't made any plans for the day except for the couple of shows that were already scheduled for the evening. They have a new production show cast on the ship now (singers and dancers), preparing for their debut in a couple of days so there have been extra technical rehearsals to get those folks up to speed before they start performing for the guests. He said the production performers are almost all from Australia, England, and the US. They spend some time in Miami before they come to the ship, learning the shows with all the music, choreography, etc. We are always interested to hear Pete's feedback about the quality of the performers but, because he had safety training of some kind that conflicted with the tech rehearsal, he only heard them for a little while so hasn't said anything yet about how good they are! Including the extra trip to Indianapolis and back, Peter has traveled 29,895 miles since he started this contract almost 4 weeks ago.

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