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The sun was warm, the sky was blue, and there were no planned tours on the schedule. We jumped in the car and spent the day moseying from one interesting looking spot to another. Our tour began at the lobster pond, a facility where the lobsters are kept live until someone wants to change their condition. The lobstering season is over here so the pound sells most of what’s left to restaurants. The sad expression on our faces and the longing looks we cast at the spiny creatures when we heard this news must have softened the proprietor’s heart. She said she would only sell us a big one. What a shame! We’ve been driving around with our insulated box for just such an eventuality and she sent her husband who caught all the lobsters down to the beach to gather seaweed to pack around our purchase and keep him moist and happy until his day came to an end.

Then we drove from view to vantage point, taking photographs. What a pretty place. My favorite views came from high on a hill that took some climbing. The effort was worth it. It was beautiful all around so I took a video 360º to capture it all. The flowers are blooming big time, as happy to see the sun as we are. Once again we see peonies blooming, which bloomed at home at the end of May. Summer must last about two weeks here.

When we got back to the campground we ate cod freshly caught by five of our fellow campers who said they exerted little effort to catch sixteen fish. The wagon master got out his deep fat fryer and we ate fish and chips. There was so much cod left over, there will be plenty for the fishermen’s freezers and they can remember the fun they had catching them today. Mr. Lobster has been steamed and is on ice to be savored soon.

In the evening we saw the Split Peas, a group of seven women who sang harmony and played guitars, piano, accordian, and ugly stick. Some of their songs were sweet and sentimental; others got us on our feet dancing. At intermission we ate tea and toutons, deep fat fried bread smeared with partridgeberry jam. We were assured that deep fat fried calories you consume on vacation do not count. However, our life is pretty much always on vacation. "Nough said.

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