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We departed Juneau on the high speed catamaran ferry Chenega

After sailing for about an hour the weather cleared and we had...

The Chenega was modern, quiet, fast and had water jet propulsion

We cruised through some very narrow straights such as Peril Straits

Upon arrival we checked into the Ravens Peek B&B and stayed at...

It was 6 miles up a very narrow winding gravel road to...

Fortress of the bears is a volunteer organization that rescues bears.

Sitka has a large fleet of fishing vessels and extensive docking facilities

The ferry trip from Juneau to Sitka was 6 hours traversing a water route that twisted and turned around bays, straits, and islands. The ferry was a catamaran capable of speeds up to 37 mph using water jets, not propellers, with power from four diesel engines. Reclining seats with tables in various configurations provided a comfortable ride. The weather broke as we traveled and the views were awesome.

Upon arrival at Sitka we stayed in a room called the “Treehouse” at Ravens Peek bed and breakfast. It was small but modern and had a commanding view of Sitka sound. The hospitality of our hosts, Mike and Marilyn, was off the chart and so were the breakfasts.

We drove up a gravel road 5 miles, switchback city, to the top of Harbor Mt. and hiked the trail to view the sights.

We visited “Fortress of the Bears” which is a volunteer organization that rescues bears. Alaska law does not allow bears to be returned to the wild once raised in captivity so these folks raise and care for bears that would otherwise be destroyed while trying to find a suitable home for them. They had in residence 3 black bears and 5 adult brown bears.

We visited the “Raptor Center” which is another volunteer organization that rehabilitates injured raptors and returns them to the wild whenever possible.

Sitka is home to a large commercial fishing fleet and has a modern harbor with extensive moorage for the commercial fleet as well as private vessels.

Sitka was the original capital of Alaska when it was a Russian territory. What a great buy Seward made when he purchased Alaska!!

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