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Well this is all new :) So not too sure how often...How lengthy...But, After we left the smokey campground 7 days ago and headed for TT in Morgan Hill CA to settle in for work, we arrived at sunset. We were hot, (yes both of us) tired, (especially Scott), so you can imagine how cranky we were to arrive at the gate of TT and be recieved by a woman attendant who could double as a Marine Sergeant (sorry Nicolas :)) who barked out rules faster than we could record them, charged us $5 extra per day for an "upgraded" site, and informed us that the city had incorporated the park a few years ago and cemented ALL of the sewers!! Ugh!!! As you campers know sewer is not a problem if you can allow your gray water to drip :) Problem is because of the heat it's odor (however not poopish) is just as offensive of smells!! In the heat and 2" away from the camper next door "the drip" is not possible. The drill sergeant informed us for and EXTRA $25 dollars we could get our black (euphemism poop) and grey (euphemism for shower/dish water) pumped 3 days per week. We slept on it and were not one bit less cranky about staying there. We found a sterile campground, (10 miles from Debbie! ) that had a beautiful laundry, pool, lounge, store, AND sewers!!

Scott worked the next day, And I sewed until I actually ran out of thread! Oh darn, I'll have to go to the quilt store!! When he got home we did the old skedaddle and met up with the pooper pumpers on our way out and the entire camp was indeed odious. We enjoyed the Coyote Valley RV where we got caught up on our laundry and I got sunburned at the pool! I put my swimsuit on because I was sure I would never see the other people at the pool again in my life time and it gave them something to talk about back at their RV's :) that night.

Waking up is an adventure, well actually checking Dads email is the adventure. After his OJT Thursday night/Friday morning we were sent back to Oregon. The day before Debbie (for those of you who don't know Debbie she is FirstCalls bookkeeper extraordinaire) had invited us to her home for Thanksgiving! Her brother lives in Japan and Japan has no Thanksgiving. Debbie's family found it more convenient to celebrate Thanksgiving in the summer and a family tradition was born. We could not make Thanksgiving but we could also not see Debbie only 10 miles away. So on our way out we stopped. We were able to meet Debbie's parents, actually see Mark (her husband) meet Mark's mother, Debbie's sister, Debbie's nephew from Japan, and of course Dylan and Danielle! We left wishing we hadn't had to leave for work! The house already smelled yummy from baking and Debbie family felt like family! :)

We headed out and stayed at Flag City RV in Lodi California. We were able to turn off the air conditioner, open all the windows,and enjoy what the locals called the Delta Breeze. But what is it with poop?! We were awakened at around 4am by an odor that curled our nose hairs! Only thing we could think was that there was a "stinky dairy" twins on steroids to 117th street dairy in Brush Prairie!! Seriously!? Thinking they could sneak in a spread of the manure!?

We had a lazy morning and before we got on the freeway, went through a "truck wash" and got rainxed, and our tires shined. We headed toward Weed listening to the audio book Son of a Spy.

We were met with such a surprised today. We have traveled over the Siskiyou's countless times in our lifetime, yet today while we were driving Dad said, "what is that!? I looked up to catch a breath taking view of the Castle Crags!! Who knew!? I've added a few pictures, as again we find ourselves camped at the foot of the great Mt Shasta.

We heard Caden had a wonderful birthday party today! Happy birthday to Caden and Scotty! :) Dad is working nights/midnights Monday/Tuesday and will head to the beach to replenish and cool off before heading to "the farm!" :) TTYL

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