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Shuttling the bikes from the camp ground


Patti biking

John biking

The bridge


Hydro Jet boat like ours

No cars

No salt, no sharks, no worries

Patti finishing up 8.2 miles at 72

(July 30)

Moving day... on to Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground. This place is huge —our campsite is #835! They accepted our Escapee's membership, which allows us a 15% discount. Always appreciated. Campground has no sewer connection on sites*, but does offer water and 30 amp electric hook up.

Drove to Walmart to resupply, came home and filled the refrigerator.... only to discover it was not cooling efficiently! Coach unevenly parked? (This affects refrigeration). Needs defrosting? We went with the latter, transferring all the food to coolers and waited on the defrost process. Think: old-time refrigerators that do not automatically defrost—dripping ice and water/towels to soak up. The good news is, once completed, the refrigerator works fine and we saved the food.

*Non-camping readers: please assume a dump site is offered when no sewer connection is available!

July 31, Friday

Beautiful day and we had a really great trip over to Mackinaw Island. A free shuttle picked us up (and our bikes;no cars allowed on the island), and drove us to the ferry dock. I wondered how they were going to manage loading all the bicycles that were going over to the island, but the boat crew made it look like “no problem.” They charge $9.00 to take your bike on board, but renting a bike on the island is about $8.00 an hour; needless to say, a lot of people opt to take their own bicycles... a LOT of people! Lucky us—we happened to hit a ferry ride that included a stop under the Mackinaw Bridge, so John had some terrific photo opportunities.

Most of our day was spent riding our bicycles around the 8.2 mile perimeter of the island, so now I can claim “8.2 @ 72” LOL! 'Was actually a beautiful ride: trees for shade, sunny with a breeze off the clear, blue-green water, paved pathway, lots of interesting places to stop for a snack* or a break from pedaling. And, thanks to the advice of Dennis Curtice, we entered the bike route clockwise, which meant that we had far fewer riders on our side of the trail.

Returned to town in time to walkabout for awhile and caught the 4:30 pm ferry back to the mainland. The ferry actually docked on the island a bit late and, once underway, we understood why: the wind had picked up considerably and the captain was battling head winds all the way back from the island. We have been told that the five mile long Mackinaw Bridge is closed if the wind speeds get too high. Since we are headed that way on Monday, this was an interesting bit of news. Guess we'll just have to monitor the radio reports on bridge conditions...

*Sign on the Snack Bar:

“Our seagulls are red with purple spots. Management is not responsible for snacks that are stolen by seagulls of another color. Especially the white ones.”

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