Our 2nd European Adventure travel blog

Alasdair, Caroline and Paul enjoying a summer evening in the garden

Dave, Lorraine and Keith

Alaina, our little friend from the Old Windsor camp site

Paul with his Mum

Mum and Dad enjoying afternoon tea

Our favourite local, Jolly Gardeners in old Windsor

Jolly Gardeners

Liz on Mum and Dad's mobility scooter

The Long Walk, Windsor Great Park leading to Windsor Castle

Farewell to all

Hi Everyone

Well our 2nd European Adventure has come to an end and we fly home to Australia in a couple of days.

Our motorhome has been packed up and is now safely parked in a storage facility (really it’s in a paddock alongside 200 or so other motorhomes and caravans) until we return.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks catching up with friends and family. Many thanks to Alasdair & Caroline and Dave & Lorraine for having us park on their drives overnight. We look forward to seeing Dave in Australia sometime in December as he is participating in the ‘Clipper Round the World Sailing Race’. It was also great to see Keith and we hope his daughter’s wedding day was beautiful and that he arrived at the right place, at the right time to give the bride away!

I also caught up with my old friend Denise who I first met in 1984 after we had both had baby girls. We hope all goes well with the house move.

We must say thank you to the people in old Windsor, especially Pete, Jenny and all the locals from the Jolly Gardeners pub as they always make us feel so welcome every time we return to this part of the world.

We will miss our little friend Alaina from the campsite (daughter of the owners). We have watched her grow from a very determined toddler to a confident 9 year old and she has Paul wrapped around her little finger.

The summer school holiday’s are upon us and the beautiful English summer changed overnight from sunshine to blustery days, heavy with cloud and lots of rain. Wherever we go the roads are congested with holiday traffic. Paul and I joined the M4 to visit Mum and Brian and the motorway was nearly a car park as the cars were moving at a snails pace. We eventually arrived (just a tad late) and enjoyed a lovely lunch followed by Mum’s light as air homemade Victoria Sponge Cake

While at my Mum and Dad’s I had a try of their mobility scooter. I was told the controls were easy. You put it in gear, turn on the ignition, the left lever is reverse and the right is forward and to stop you just release the lever. Sounds simple! Off I went up their garden, very hesitantly pulling on the control, terrified I would end up in a flower bed and all the while my right leg was waving madly about trying to find the non-existent brake. Mum and Dad were splitting their sides laughing at my antics. I think I may need lots more practice.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Mum and Dad. We’ve had afternoon tea in an English teashop and in a French patisserie, taken a boat ride down the river, had a picnic by the Thames and joined the Women’s Institute for a ploughman’s lunch. They have spoilt me terribly and I’ve loved every minute of it. Thank you both.

As we were taking our last stroll down the Long Walk towards Windsor Castle in the Great Park we noticed the Royal Standard was flying above the castle which means that the Queen is home and as we got closer to the castle we saw a hive of activity by Georges Gate (the entrance to Windsor Castle from the Long Walk). There were cars pulling up at the gate with police checking their details while sniffer dogs, their noses twitching and tails wagging, snuffled around the people and cars, sniffing for any threat. All the gentlemen were in morning dress of grey suits complete with top hats and tails and the ladies wore dresses in a beautiful array of colours, some prettily soft and floating while others were strikingly elegant, and all were wearing hats at jaunty angles. They were all going into the castle to witness the Queen Knight the British actor Sir John Hurt.

The fruit on the trees is starting to change to its autumn colours. The Mountain Ash trees are covered in clusters of pillar box red berries while the Hawthorne berries are turning a russet red. Blackberries in the hedgerows are getting plumper but it’s too early for me to pick them (shame!).

In the New Year we will be joining the ever growing group of ‘grey nomads’ and start to tour Australia so keep a lookout for the Australian version of our log.

So its farewell from me and goodbye from him.

Love to all and take care

Liz and Paul x

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