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The Malaspina took us from Haines to Juneau

It was dusk when we arrived at Juneau and the dock was...

The Chum salmon were returning from the sea by the thousands

We could view the fish going through the fish ladders at the...

One of the main attractions in Juneau is Mendenhall Glacier is...

The Tongas National forest in Southeast Alaska is a rainforest

Sockeye salmon were spawning in Steep creek near the Glacier

Everett had quite a time bringining his first native wild Alaska salmon...

Built in 1939 The Chapel of St. Terese sits on a little...

One end of the 48 mile long road

The other end

Ferry travel to Juneau via the Gastineau Canal was relaxing and the scenery was awe inspiring. Miles and miles of uninhabited land, evergreen forests, snow topped peaks and mountains extending to the waters edge. Juneau is the capital of Alaska accessible only by air and water. There are only 48 miles of roads extending out from the town center with dead ends at both sides. We toured the salmon hatchery which harvests salmon eggs and milt to fertilize, incubate and raise to fingerlings that are released in March. The fish go to sea 2-5 years then return to this site of origin to spawn and then die completing their life cycle.

We visited the Mendenhall Glacier, Mission of St. Therese, and Douglas Island. A black bear crossed the road during our travels.

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