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Carpes at National RV in Shipshewana

Driving in farm country is always interesting

You know you're in Amish Country when...

OK, that's a bit different

Not all Amish buggys are black boxes
The front seats look pretty plush...

Carpe's fridge vents open while Leon troubleshoots the system

Leon installed additional ventilation fans on the upper vent door

Thu, 30 July: A shorter drive today...

The Rensselaer Wal*Mart isn't a Super Wally so it closed at midnite and didn't reopen till 0700 this morning. Result? A nice quiet nite. The temps dropped to the lower sixties so the ceiling vent fans kept a steady stream of cool air wafting thru the coach. Sweet!

We awoke when we awoke and got ourselves fed and things ready for the road. We went thru our checklists, started the engine, and rolled wheels about half past nine. Since the major roads are laid out in a grid system (north/south or east/west) and our destination was northeast of us, we zigged and zagged along till we finally reached US 6 west of Napenee.

Our cockamamy route was: US 231 north to IN 114 east to US 41 north to IN 114 east to US 35 north to US 6 east to IN 5 north. IN 5 took us north thru Shipshewana to our destination, National RV Refrigeration located off IN 5 about three miles north of town. We thought it was great routing but our GPS units weren't amused...

We pulled into National RV about 1235 and got parked in the boondocking section. We met with Leon and went over what he plans to do to address our "flaky" reefer issues. Yesterday it got a bit warm inside and took all nite to get back to the safe temperature zone. Today, now that we're at the service facility, it has decided to behave itself and is being nice. Go figure.

Anyway, we're here till things get resolved. We have absolutely no plans for the next few weeks so we are at Leon's disposal to do what it takes to make it right. If you have to be "stuck" somewhere this is a great place to do so.

Today's run was 142 miles with a fuel economy of 7½ mpg.

Sat, 01 Aug: We have a cool fridge...

It is now midday Saturday and we're still parked at Leon's National RV Refrigeration in Shipshewana. Leon worked on our fridge most of yesterday and we think we have a handle on the problem—and a possible solution.

The problem is that Winnebago, as did many other manufacturers, installed the fridge in a slide room. Because of that there is no rooftop vent to help move the hot air from the coils. Instead, there are lower and upper side vents, which are not as all efficient as the rooftop vent.

To boost airflow Winnebago installed two pancake fans midway up the air chamber. While they help, they still don't do the job on hot days. So, Leon installed two additional cooling fans (that we can control with a separate switch) in the top vent. This increased airflow seems to help as the fridge is doing a very good job even with temps in mid 80s and very high humidity. Time will tell, but we are cautiously optimistic that they'll help us keep our cool.

Leon also checked our our basement air conditioning system. We haven't had any problems with it other than an intermittent noise. Everything checked out OK and Leon feels the noise may be an omen of future motor bearing problems, but that's a bit down the road. As for now, enjoy the chill...

We'll remain here till tomorrow (Sunday) morning when we'll head northwest 50-some miles to Buchanan Michigan and the Bear Cave Thousand Trails park. We have two included ("free") days remaining in this year's membership so we signed up for Sunday and Monday. If we like the park we may extend our stay once we're settled in. Our membership plan allows for unlimited additional stays @ $5/nite.

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