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Seward Harbor, and our boat

Sea Otter waving hello

First Glacier


Family of Orca, or Orca dominoes?

Humpback Whale

This one dove right under our boat

Beautiful view despite the misty weather

Glaciers and waterfalls

Another Sea Otter


Getting closer

Back Bear on the shoreline

Close up of Glacier

Harbor Seals on the ice

Mike amd I

Ryan and Becca

The Kidd kids Jesse Ryan Beccaa and Baker

More Sea Otters, they are so cute!

More view of the Fjords

Black Legged Kittiwake Rookery

Tufted Puffin (personal Fav!)

Black Legged KIttiwake

Horned Puffin...too full to fly

Steller Sea Lions

Lone Sea Lion

Common Murre Rookery

Humpback Whale Tail

More tail

Becca, doing what architects do!

Skipping Rocks on Fox Island

Ryan and Becca and friends

Halibut catch records - holy cow!

Today we took a trip out of Seward to Kenai Fjords National Park. What an fantastic trip. We had beautiful scenery, and saw a family of Orca. We saw several Humpback Whales too. Sometimes the even showed their flukes. There was some great birding with Horned and Tufted Puffins, Common Murres, Marbled and Kittlitz’s Murrelets, and Rhinoceros and Parakeet Auklets…just to name a few!  There were also several rafts of sea otters. We probably saw about 25 total. And then the Glaciers! Huge! Beautiful blue tones in the ice. This is from the blue light being refracted, while all the other colors in the light spectrum are absorbed. We stopped at a place called Fox Island where there was an all you can eat buffet of salmon, prime rib, and crab legs. On the beach the rocks were all smooth and flat which led to some stone skipping challenges. Back on the boat they served warm cookies for the ride back to the dock. A wonderful day.

That night we drove on to Anchorage and again camped at Cabella’s. Jesse and Justin helped to find a geocache that had been eluding me for a few visits. Glad I am finally done with that one!

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