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Well I won't say as we set off on our "for real" first, "part time/full time" working trip that I wasn't longing for a balance. We are at a 4-way crossroads between work/residence/camp/retirement as we headed out. We still glance at each other and smile, wondering, "are we really doing this?" We want to keep in touch while we are on the road (we already figured out we would alway miss you all, way more than you'll ever miss us) so alas "a travel blog"...

Our first night out (Friday) we drove to Aurora to fill up with diesel. Then choose the closest spot in relationship to that, to spend the night. We ended up at Hee Hee Illahee (I know right?) Makes you want to say something to rhyme with it! ( like "come and spend the night with me") It is owned by the Native American Siletz tribe. Clean park, mostly concrete and asphalt. We parked in the last of 6 spots for campers who come in "after check-in":) BTW Dad's MO In front of us was a large shiny black motorhome with a Freightliner truck front end and a custom paint job that said, "The Beast" It had a rather LARGE map of Texas painted on the side. I can't make this stuff up people!! :) Dad says it's like having a sign in your yard that says, "ask me." But it was too late and they were gone before us, so none of us will ever know...

Night 2 We stopped in "Weed", CA and wondered how many jokes the town has heard over the years about their name. We stayed in the smallest sweetest campground we've ever seen and were sorry we could only stay one night. It was peaceful. My kind of "camping," i.e. dirt, trees, and grass, with screaming fast wifi and cheap lodging! Would you believe we had to write a check? Like Don and Jo's who held out, no debit or credit. Checks or Cash. Felt kind of old fashioned, in a good way. We were literally at the foot of Mt Shasta! Which of course dad says,"look it up and read about it." How was I to sleep when I discovered it was the 2nd largest "potentially" active volcano in the Cascade Mountain Range @ 14,445 feet. It's geological makeup prone to large pyroclastic flows. (i.e. same as Mt St Helens) and has fumaroles on the mountain that show Mt. shasta is still alive. It is collapsable and an eruption could form another Creator Lake. The last eruption was in 1784 and in 2014 a glacier broke off the mountain creating a lahar mud flow that ,"vexed the professionals" and pointed to seismic activity (yikes) Good-night, right?!

Driving to "Grass" Valley (is there a theme here :) weed, grass...?) we passed Lake Shasta. No run off (from no snow melt) , and the drought has taken it's toll on previously beautiful northern California. It's quite shocking to look back at pictures of Mt Shasta, Lake Shasta and even Chico and see the weather stamp! I can't imagine the feelings of loss and helplessness the ranchers must be experiencing. We did stop at a fruit stand in Dairyville Population 585 . I took pictures of the onion and tomatoes because I could't believe the size. The diameter was larger than the cup in the picture was tall! We also bought squash, peaches and plums. They actually picked me some green tomatoes (for frying of course) and fresh basil while I waited. Free! All of the food was heirloom, organic, and delicious. For lunch the two of us shared the large tomato, with olive oil and fresh basil, beef jerky (from local butcher) and sparkling water. We felt like we had gone on date (and using your imagination, in an outside cafe, in a foreign country... :) )

NIght 3 and we hit the jackpot for adventure!! When we originally called to make the reservation we mentioned that we worried about check out time because Dad is working that same day. She said, "oh no worries you are our only camper to check in, so it won't be a problem." (With our lack of experience, we are not sure at this point if that is a good thing, or a bad thing? :)) By the time we arrived @ 3pm the campground was literally teaming. I read the night before that there was a fire in Nevada County. 1,500 acres and only 5% contained, extreme temperatures, high winds... As we headed this direction we were able to "see" the fire in the distance. Would you believe the staging, evacuation and livestock containment are at the Fairgrounds located adjacent to Fairgrounds RV? There are hundreds of firetrucks, and by now I'd say a thousand people here. As you can see from the pictures there are several Hot Shots teams, private excavation company with big rigs (the likes I've never heard of before ...fire pushers?) , convicts, tents, port-a-potties, makeshift kitchens, food semi's, potable water, command centers, water trucks, rangers, police, wardens, firefighters, marshals, admin, evacuees, (and their livestock) medical... everything you would need for a small city!! I saw 12 barracks tents and a forklift taking huge AC units to install in each tent. We were instructed to lock our rig, hide our guns, and have NO interaction with the men in the orange jumpsuits! :) Of course the fire does not sleep so neither does the camp. They run shifts 24/7 so there is always activity!!! Dad was sitting at the table and heard a back up beeper getting so close he said,"hey!?" He looked outside and three hot shot trucks were inches from our motorhome, utilizing the space of the trailer parked next to us and the roadway! Liz who we talked to for reservations, came to work this morning and was as surprised as we were when we arrived. It feels like being part of a bee hive or an ant hill!

We locked our rig and went exploring. Dad needed to find the FedEx warehouse and the school where the ATM is located. I needed to find the quilt shop and dinner. We found both of dad's destinations and I found a quilt shop. The Sugar Pine Quilt Shop. I liked their Row by Row and purchased their kit. Dad was educated about Row by Row's and jelly rolls! We asked the shop owner about dining. she directed us to Serjios and there we went. As we walked in the waiter exclaimed with a delightful accent, and before saying anything else, " Oh you look so familiar" I smiled, and he said, "you are an opera singer right!!!" (So proud he had guessed) I laughed heartily and explained that when I sing in church the children turn around in curiosity to see who has made such a joyful noise! I admitted I must just have a "universal face"that sort of looks like everybody". What followed was an all around delightful experience. I do believe I tasted the best wine I have ever tasted. (sorry Maryhill) I chose the evening special, Rack of Lamb, and dad had the Salmon. I had an additional glass of wine for dessert and dad had panna cotta.

We found out our waiter Carlos, was from Cuba, (born there but sent to Russia {as were many Cubans?} spoke 5 languages, (French,Russian, English, Spanish, and Italian) and was a professor at the college. He was helping out as a waiter because Serjio's family and this family were friends. Turns out Serjio needed help and he showed up! Because he was not a waiter by profession, our interaction with him was personal, and pleasing. He too loved having his picture in the blog. We returned "home" to find our campground had taken on an organized appearance and tripled in size!!

In addition to actual experiences of the past three days, I have mused that your dad had traveled our entire lives. (yours too) He has arrived in unfamiliar places, found his lodging, eaten alone, showed up to work, met with people he did not know, was the "face" of the company he worked for, was the epitome of a job well done: and all of which had to have been stored somewhere as a part of him. Knowing all the while his "real" life was at home with us! I have a feeling I am going to find out how that feels. I made up stories to myself about "The Beast", I was amazed by God's creation, thought of the ranchers, families and businesses affected by the drought, observed the scarred earth, and met people! Clerks, owners, attendants, waiters, hosts who all have a "story"... A family came into Serjios who had two teenaged sons.Only two children. Teenagers now. One of the sons was patterning. As he waited to be seated he made the same movements with his feet and using his fingertips touched the table in the same sequence. He only spoke to shout out that his food was hot! He was proud to guess that and he waited patiently while his mother cut it up. Another shout came to loudly announce that the door had been left opened. His brother was not so overt. His struggle was with using good table manners and his food was given to him in portions. When one part was finished he was given another. They were well mannered and responded quickly to the promptings of their parents. I was overwhelmed as I observed them having this dinner out as a family. I was humbled by their patience and understanding, grateful for all of my children and grandchildren who have escaped( by God's design) special needs, and felt myself the love that was palatable at that table.

I was so glad I am with dad! And although our "real" life is all of you I'm excited about the days to come.

I can smell smoke... Yikes! TTLY

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