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I thought it was about time i filed another entry to let you all know what we're up to.

For those of you who are a bit confused, here is an update on where Mel, Em & I are

Mel is still in Melbourne running the hostel

Em is up at the mountain attempting to kill herself by doing jumps on her snowboard (but will be joining me on Saturday 16th September via Melbourne)

Im in Sydney with our friend Natalie

Ok so now that's sorted, what have i been up to? Well i am happy to back in Sydney again, im working for PricewaterhouseCoopers as PA which is easy peasy and very well paid. Natalie and i have moved in with my aussie friend lisa, she has just bought a lovely apartment on the north shore so we are renting rooms with her for about 30 quid a week, Bargain!

Natalie's friend Adele (lovely girl from Middlesborough) has been travelling around with us, we have been having such a laugh being City girls. Unfortunately not one of us are real backpackers so rather than going to the pubs that do jugs of beer for 10 dollars the 3 of us have been frequenting all the poshest wine bars and drinking Martinis for 18 dollars a pop! whoops! and i wonder why i never have any money? we have been having such fun though, we went to this outdoor bar the other night which was on the 17th floor of a building on the harbour and the view was amazing..only thing that spoiled it was the 2 northern lasses constantly asking for 'more free nuts' i was dying of embarassment when they asked the cocktail waiter (no 'barmaids' in this place) for the 4th time for a refill.

We have also been going to markets, reading in the sun, going to the cinema and have joined a gym..seriously we forget that we're back packers.

This weekend we hired a car (bright yellow horrible thing that looked like a canary)and took ourselves off to the Hunter Valley wine region. It was soo much fun. We went from winery to winery tasting away to our hearts content (pls note that i was only having one sip then throwing the rest away as i was the designated driver of the canary). We also visited cheese factories, an Olive factory, Chocolate factories and did 2 wine tours. The first tour was in a family run old fashioned winery where they still stirred the wine by hand and held it in old oak barrels. The second was a modern place where everything was stainless steel and no where near as much fun!

The 3 of us have learned exactly which cheeses we love, which particular grapes and types of wine we are into and lots of useless things like how to make champagne.

I have never visited a wine region before and i found it fascinating..have to go to the one's in france next!

We had a really lovely weekend and have brought some bottles back with us to have when we go to the Fish Market's this weekend..cant wait to sit outside with a platter of extremely fresh seafood and a chilled bottle of white..mmmmm

Have also just managed to wangle some free tickets to see a concert at the Opera House on Saturday night, so thats another thing ticked off my list of things to do! We're going to get all dressed up for an evening of culture, then afterwards hang around in the swanky opera bar!

Into my last month in Australia now, Emma and i have booked our trip to New Zealand so we're excited about that..cant believe we have been away for nearly a year now. It feels like forever sometimes and no time at all at others....we are starting to look forward to coming home now though..we have to grow up at some point i guess.

Anyway its lunch time at work now ( not that i have been clock watching) will put another entry and some pics on soon

take care everyone

love vikki x x x x

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