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July 15 Wednesday

With the forecast telling us it would be yet another rainy day we decided to drive into Milan, OH and visit the Edison Museum. 'Tried using Groupon to see if there were any discounts, and there were! This was my first experience using a barcode downloaded to my cellphone, rather than an actual coupon that I printed out. The lady at the museum who checked us in had no problem scanning the bar code and giving us the discounted admission. Probably our kids do this all the time but it was new to me, so fun to give it a try.

The Edison Museum is actually several beautifully restored houses in Milan, including the home where Thomas Edison was born and lived as a young boy. When we emerged from the Edison kitchen to the beautiful gardens outside the SUN WAS SHINING.

Although the birthplace home offers the most extensive tour, it is worth taking the time to see the blacksmith/early farming equipment exhibit (see photo) and the doll collection. One home we visited was built solely for the purpose of displaying the internationally gathered collections of a wealthy couple – they never actually lived in the home!

Can't say enough about the tour guides; they were truly exceptional. We learned many new things about Edison and his two families, listened to the early music machines, and got to see many examples of his successful inventions. [One not-so-successful invention was a talking doll; Google “Edison Doll” for the rest of the story!]

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