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Again not a good day weather wise so after giving Daisy a good walk in the morning we headed to Llanberis to visit the National Slate Museum and then to take the tour into Electric Mountain.

The Slate museum is located 19th-century workshops of the now disused Dinorwig slate quarry and tells the story of the Welsh slate industry. As well as telling the history of slate mining the museum still maintains the workshops used in the old mine including the original giant water wheel which was amazing.

From the Slate Museum we moved across to the Electric Mountain for our pre-booked tour. Within a nearby mountain in the workings of the old Dinorwig slate mine is situated a power station. Our tour took us deep into the mountain to see the power station. Within the largest man made cavern in Europe, 180 metres long, 25 metres wide and 60 metres deep sits the generating hall with six mighty turbines. The power station is used to produce electricity when there is a massive peak in demand. Water is pulled from a reservoir high in the mountains and passed through the turbines and amazing thing was that the power station could be generating electricity with 12 seconds to meet the demand peak. At night the water used is pumped back up to the higher reservoir ready for the next peak. It was a fascinating tour. (No photos were allowed).

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