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Grain ELevator at Stavely

Gathering Storm over the Prairies

We packed up yet again this morning. Last night a lady stopped us and when she learned we were from Canada, she peppered us with questions about the road to Alaska. Never having been there, our assistance was limited, but she want to know all about the road through the National Parks and on to Grande Prairie. They were from Cincinnati, I think, or somewhere in that area, so had already come quite a distance. In response to the suggestion that the Internet would be their best guide to conditions and forest fires, etc. she said they did not have access to it, even though she had worked in computers all her life! We waved good bye to her and her husband as they left and we hitched up our trailer. At the border, we noticed that they were three vehicles in front of us.

We had been concerned that we had fruit that might be a problem at the border, so we enjoyed cherries and grapes on the short trip north. In the event, the crossing was painless. Two motorhomes had been pulled over ahead of us, which may have made our passage easier. Routine questions about how much we had bought, alcohol and tobacco, repairs to our vehicles, were quickly answered, and no questions about food, fruit or vegetables. We were on our way. It was a bright sunny morning and we stopped at Stavely in a turn out for lunch. As we ate, the Alaska-bound couple passed us. Hopefully they make it to Alaska and back.

We arrived at Okotoks as planned and set up. We rested for a while, then went to Swiss Chalet for dinner, then filled the truck with diesel and got some milk. We returned to the trailer for coffee and to catch up with the news. We played games and read before turning in for the night.

Good to be back in Canada, we will stay here tomorrow, winterize the trailer on Thursday morning and head for home.

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