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View from Pocatella Campground

View from Pocatello Campground

Llama & Goat




View from Rest Area

Plaque at Rest Area

Old Welcome Cabin at Rest Area

Basin Campground

Boulder River

Boulder River

Boulder River

After I posted last night, Christine went out with the garbage and took some photos of the llamas and goat across the road from the campground.

This morning we were on our way quite early up the I15. It was quite quiet and we made good time. We stopped for lunch at a rest area where we thought we had been driving in the wrong direction, as the town next door was Lima! We went there for diesel and found a strange arrangement with the diesel pumps located on the side of the road. If you had a single vehicle you could drive up the inside facing a wall, but with a trailer that was not practical. We waited fro a motorhome to finish filling up - his filling cap was on the passenger side, ours is on the driver's side so we had to angle in to the pump and then back out when we were through. The pump also had diesel for off road use with no tax and diesel for general use - the first time we have encountered that in the US.

We went to the rest area and had an early lunch then set off northwards again to Butte where we had planned to spend a couple of days. As we drove in, Christine noticed a sign advertising a music festival - not a good sign, and so it proved. The KOA was fully booked. They gave us the phone numbers of two other camp grounds. We tried phoning the closest, but got voice mail. We decided to try it in person. It was visible from the road, but the entrance was not clear, so we ended up back on the I15 heading south. We eventually made it, only to find they had no room either. We called the third place and they, too, were full. We decided to drive further north and see what we could find. As we came to a small town called Basin, we noticed a campground and went in to see what it was like. It turned out to be quite nice. It is called the Merry Widow Health Mine Campground. The "Mine" is a tunnel which emits radon and they claim all sorts of health benefits from inhaling it, drinking the radon infused water and bathing in it.

We set up and had dinner then had a stroll along the River Boulder which runs through the campground.

Rather than spending two nights as we had planned at Butte, we will move on tomorrow, probably to Shelby.

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