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Old Wells Front Street

Old Wells

View from Road to Angel Lake

View from Angel Lake

View from Angel Lake

Angel Lake

Angel Lake

Waterfall at Angel Lake

Christine at Angel Lake

Wild Flowers at Angel Lake

Squirrel at Angel Lake

Wild Flowers at Angel Lake

Butterfly at Angel Lake

We got up late today and after breakfast drove into Wells and right round the town - not a long journey as it is really small. There was an old part of town that had been preserved called "Front Street, but apparently it was destroyed in and earthquake some years ago and not much is left. We stopped at the Tourist Information Office and were met by a young lady who did not seem ideal for the position. Her response to what one could see in town was, "Not a lot" and did not express any interest as to where we were from or what we were doing there. She did point us to Angel Lake as the best sight in the vicinity, so we headed off there and drove up ... and up ... and up. Over 8,000 feet. The lake is small, but quite picturesque, surrounded by even higher mountains. The view from the road is quite a spectacular panorama - if you can take your eyes off the road which is twisting and steep. A couple on a motorbike were preparing to leave when we arrived, and the lady said to Christine that she intended going down with her eyes shut!

We were surprised when we arrived to see so many cars in the parking lot and a campground with a substantial number of campers.

We walked along the lakeside and watched some fishermen (and women), some appeared to have some success in snagging some trout. I walked further round the lake, then we descended back into Wells where we had a substantial lunch at a place recommended by the campground, then refuelled the truck and got some milk.

Back at the campsite we took in our sewer pipe in preparation for leaving tomorrow and ahead of what appeared to be a repeat of yesterday's thunderstorm. We finished just as the rain started, however, it was not nearly as severe as yesterday.

We had a light snack and watched the news, while I dozed before settling in for the night.

Tomorrow we head north via Twin Falls to Pocatello.

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