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Bear cubs a couple of years ago...Note the tree

I love the way he is sitting up!

Hey, get off me!!!

Same tree! Wow, what a difference

Note the color difference in the two cubs...

Check out those claws...

Cute little faces :)

Two weeks ago we made a trip into Rapid and on our way back home we noticed that a few of the bear cubs were 'playing' and 'climbing' at Bear Country. We visited Bear Country a few years back & took a few pics then as well. So, I dug them out & am posting pics from both days. As you will see, the trees have really grown in the area. Not the bears of course, because these are 'new' bear cubs. They are just so darn cute. When we got Onyx her 'summer' cut about 6 weeks ago she looked just like they do! Wish I could snuggle with them, lol!

PS Today is our sister & brother's 50th wedding anniversary!!!! Congratulations to them for being a great example of 'making it work'....!! Too many give up to quickly & easily these days. We love you both & hope you have a wonderful day!!!


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