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Angel Lake

Wells from the road to Angel Lake

Today was very slow and lazy morning as neither Ross nor Marge got out of bed until 0800 hours. Their laziness was tied to today’s travels which was a lousy 50 miles east to Wells, Nevada. The reasons for such a short run today was their reservation in Salt lake City has them entering the Pony Express Campground Thursday and leaving on Monday morning. They were not sure exactly when they would leave home because their leaving date was controlled by the stage of their water damage claim. They needed to be certain that everything was in place and ready for the contractor’s to begin their work. Ross made the Salt Lake City reservation over two weeks ago because he knew it might be hard to get reservations close to the July 4 holiday. They could have driven to Wendover, Utah but there is only one campground and it is a KOA campground and the prices at KOA’s are higher than most campgrounds and they try to avoid KOA campgrounds whenever possible.

Wells, Nevada is a very, very small town located at the confluence of Interstate 80 and US Highway 93. There are four truck stops and very little else. Surprisingly there are three campgrounds in Wells but only two of them could be considered as viable campgrounds and even that is stretching a point. Ross and Marge had stayed at one of the three campgrounds previously but when Ross called to make a reservation no one answered the phone and the voice message said to call back with no time periods given so Ross called the third campground. Ross was able to get a reservation with no hassle at the Angel Lake RV Park. The park is relatively small and the campground has gravel driveways and gravel sites. However it has a well maintained 50 amp electrical service, water and sewer at each site. The office building is well above average when it comes to cleanliness and the operators are very friendly and helpful.

The campground has a deal with a nearby restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you get a 10% discount with a tag that the campground host provides each tenant at the time they register. Marge and Ross went to the restaurant for lunch and the meal was very good with more than ample servings.

After lunch Marge and Ross drove to Angel Lake which is located 13 miles from Wells. The drive involves a 2,748 foot climb to the lake. Wells elevation is 5,630 feet and Angel Lake is at 8,378 feet. The temperature also dropped from 91 degrees in Wells to 78 degrees at the lake. As you can probably see from the photos included with this journal entry there is still snow at the peaks above the lake.

In the last journal Ross raved about the roads in Nevada and then about 10 miles east of Wells the road went into the toilet. That said the road was still better than most of the roads in California. When they hit this section of road Ross turned to Marge and said, “Someone in the county government must have really angered there local congressman and the congressman pulled the plug on funding the maintenance on this section of the highway.” (Ross is such a cynic)

That is it for today.

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