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Birchwood Campground

Quite a few seasonal campers

Ship Hector reproduction

Tells the story

Even though there is work being done, we were allowed to tour...

The wharf in Pictour

Look at all those little lobster eggs!

There was a small cruise ship in port. These bag pipers were...

Alex and Lori, owners of the Pictou Puffin B & B

A giant puffin just inside the door.

Can't get enough of these beautiful lilacs

Beautiful beaches


One of many lighthouses

Looked very real, till you got close. This was near a resort




A warm sunny day for this local



Entering New Glasgow

Church along the way

Over 3 lbs.

It was very, very good!

After crossing by ferry, we had a short drive to Birchwood Campground located in Lyons Brook. This is about 5 miles from Pictou. Nothing really special about this campground, but it was convenient and we had an internet connection. Not good enough for everything, but adequate. To our surprise we are still getting satellite TV.

A visit to Pictou brought some surprises. We visited the Ship Hector Museum that has a reproduction of what they think the Ship Hector looked like when the first Scots landed on the shores of Pictou in 1773. When the replica was first built is had all the mast rigging. Today the ship is under some serious repair so you won’t see the rigging. Be sure to see the film about the settlers and the building of the replica.

Just down the harbor is a Lobster Fishery. Best thing to visit in town. We learned all about the lobster and how the fishery is helping to sustain the life of the lobster. One major thing about lobster, is that they need a warmer temperature to hatch. This last winter has been so cold and long, it is a major reason the lobster yield is down this year.

We learned that stone blocks were loaded on ships as ballast and then used as the foundation for building homes here in Nova Scotia.

As we walked the town, we learned of a 160 year old home that was now a B&B called The Pictou Puffin B & B. What a find. The owners, Alex and Lori opened their doors and hearts, and gave a great tour. The home was built in 1855. Really interesting.

Our other exploring took us to the visit the rest of Northumberland and Eastern Shore. We wanted to see all the little fishing villages and the different coastlines.

Had my first Lobster Supper at The Lobster Bar and Restaurant. It was expensive and not very good. I will wait for the next one.

We wanted to try another restaurant that was near the campground, but we were an hour early so we just started driving all the little roads around Lyons Brook. Found a little stand called the Lobster Pot. I bought a huge lobster, 3.178 pounds at 7.75 per pound. We made our own lobster supper. The lobster was a real challenge to crack. Had to use a hammer. The claw was almost as big as JC’s hand. So yummy! Now that is what a lobster supper should be. It was so good, I went back and bought 2 more for the road.

Next stop, Cape Breton.

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