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25 St Ives Mount

My room

Fritz 1

Fritz 2

Jam up the back passage 1

Jam up the back passage 2

Band 1

Band 2

Band 3

Band 4

Band 5

Me, Siouzsie and 2 of our neighbours

Someone limit this kid's caffeine intake!

Kid has a run in with the DJ

Weird vegetable lights

Guy on the roof

Well, since my last entry I have started work at PA Sport - essentially the sport part of the Press Association as a Project Manager. We supply many of the big news papers, broadcast media and websites with editorial and data content. Essentially what I'm to be looking at is how to make more cash from the current or new products.

In other news, also purchased 'Fritz' my 1989 BMW 525. Named Fritz as so far it has always been 'on the Fritz' (although admittedly, some of this is not the car's fault - I had only owned it for 4 days before someone screwdrivered my door lock in a little village called South Cave). They didn't managed to steal Fritz or any of the contents of the car, but they did manage to get the door to jam shut. Now entering the car is in the style of the Dukes of Hazzard!

Also moved into a flat in Leeds, living with Siouzsie (Suzy), a Scottish girl who works for Accenture and owns the place. My addess is:

25 St Ives Mount



LS12 3RP

Last weekend, my first weekend there a 'meet the neighbours' street party was organised (somewhat rampantently called 'Jam up the Back Passage'). Pretty fun night with many bands, DJs, dancing, BBQs and probably far too much alcohol! Pictures to follow...

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