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People find their own piece of beach, all around the lake.

No parking within 15' of paved road. So no people.

There is also farm land around the lake..

This is a State Park. Glad were not staying here.

We found North Beach. It reminded us of Rocky Point back in...

To our left. Picture to our right didn't show up, but more...

The Saturn parked on the beach.

Mr. Macho getting the kids in the water.

Large anchored rafts you can almost walk out to.

They're wet now.

Large Farmall tractor is used to launch boats.

Also, 10 Jet Skis at a time.

Working on some sand art

Maybe just some excavation.

Finally, they got a tunnel.

In front of the Ice Cream Parlor.

The campground is really crowded for the weekend. We decided to take a ride around Bear Lake and check out the beaches. The kids wore their bathing suits and grabbed their towels. We packed some snacks,sunscreen and drinks.

We passed a few small beaches along the way. The opposite side of the lake from our campground is more like a desert setting. Glad we are camped in the shade of tall trees. We went to the north side of lake which is actually in Idaho and found 'North Beach'. It is a very large beach with acres of sand, people and their vehicles.

We backed the Saturn up to the water and opened the hatch. Grandpa and Grandma sat in the back of the car in the shade watching all the activity. The kids played in the water and seemed to have more fun just digging in the sand. We didn't have any sand tools with us. So with a few plastic spoons, a wire cutter, a plastic bowl and coffee cup they made tunnels and were busy for a long long time. Taking breaks to run out into the water to cool off.

We stopped for ice cream on the way back. The campground had lots of activities in the evening and the kids were busy till dark.

Tomorrow we start heading south. We plan to be in Moab by Wednesday and then to Durango by next weekend. The weather is hot and we are anxious to get back to the mountains.

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