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Our our first day on the cruise, we have some beautiful weather...

I got good at taking a picture of the glacier right after...

You would always hear the crash of the falling glacier, after the...

I was wearing a sweater, but it was warm enough at the...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Onboard Celebrity Millenium to Hubbard Glacier

TRAVEL QUOTE OF THE DAY: "It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters in the end." - U.K. LeGuin

Whoa, I slept hard! Woke at 8:00 and it was still hard to get going. Watched the cruise director's tv show - that's the first real TV I've seen in a month!! Went up to breakfast in the Oceanview Buffet. Busy but we got a table for 2; I got eggs benedict - my standard cruising breakfast - I love them! Art got his usual cereal, bacon and eggs. Got fresh squeezed OJ because it's on our beverage package but it's not worth a nickel more than the regular OJ. Decided to skip the Cruise Critic party at 9:30 since we were still eating but at 10:15 we went to the Shore Excursions talk in the theater. Left that early to go on the Galley Tour at 10:45. Huge crowd for that and we were assigned group 14; they hadn't called us yet so Art left to go at 11:15 to the naturalist's presentation while I stayed. The galley tour was good! Went back to the cabin at 12 and sat on the balcony writing up a couple trip journal entries. Watched lovely moutains go by and it was glorious. Pefectly sunny and warm enough that no jacket was needed. I love this balcony!!

Art came in at 12:30 and we packed up and headed up to the top decks to get a spot for glacier viewing this afternoon. Not many there yet so we got a good railing spot at 1:15. Art went for lunch (cheeseburger poolside) and I stayed in position. I was just wearing my fleece pullover because of the breezes but it was really comfortable outside - not anywhere near the Artic conditions we had when we came here last Alaska cruise. That time I was dressed for an assault on the South Pole and was STILL frozen by the end of it; how have we gotten so lucky with the weather this trip?!? We arrived at prime viewing of the Hubbard Glacier at 2:15-2:30 and it was just spectacular! Really just no words....! Hubbard Glacier comes right down to the water and is 6 miles across; we got to see lots of calving right when we got there and it was awesome! Ship got within 1/2 mile of the face and it was very exciting with terrific visibility. The blue skies and bright sunshine were so wonderful; crew said they were there 2 days ago on the sailing to Seward before us and it was cold, rainy and low clouds - our luck holds out!! We stayed there for about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes and then began slowly pulling away. Took lots and lots of pictures. Since I hadn't had lunch yet, we went to get a slice of pizza and coke for me and then dashed to the theater at 3:45 for the naturalist's second talk today. It was ok but I nodded off

Then we went back to the cabin and watched the last of leaving the Yukatat Bay from our balcony in the warm sun. Got showers and headed down at 6:30. Stopped by Cafe Al Baccio, a coffee shop, to check their menu - all their drinks are included as well. Then it was off to dinner at 6:45 with our reservation. Table for 2 in a different area and waiter. OK location. It was formal night (so soon?) Had cocktails with dinner (oh how old school for us!): we both had a whiskey sour and then an amaretto sour - very nice! Me dinner: shrimp cocktail, tomato/watermelon salad, beef tournedos with potato and veggies. Art dinner: fruit plate, corn soup, and the beef too. I was too full for dessert; Art had apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and an espresso macchiato. Left dinner at 8:55 and went to the theater for the show. It was the Captain's Toast and then Ballroom Dancing Show. Ok, not that great. Maybe I'm just not a Dancing with the Stars kind of person....LOL. Back to the cabin at 10:15 - another busy day! Got ready for bed, read up on Juneau and then asleep at 11.

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