We are all settled in here in Warrensburg, right on the banks of the Schroon River, and about 5 miles north of Lake George Village and about 10 miles from my Dad. It has all worked out very well, but I can’t say it is quite summer yet. There have been a couple of days in the 80’s, but not many and we have had quite a bit of rain. After wintering in El Centro where is was at least 80 most every day during the winter and the rain amounted to about a thimble full the whole time we were there, this is not real uplifting. We had hoped to be floating down the river in our tubes by now, but haven’t even bothered to buy them yet.

We drove down to Garrison, where we used to live, and Jim and his girlfriend Shana came up from New York City by train to meet us. We had not met Shana before, and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them both. She graciously showed interest as we drove her around town to see all our old stomping grounds, and we enjoyed a fabulous lunch by the river. We are looking forward to spending more time together as they will be joining us for our family gathering at Lake George the last week of July. From there we went to Buzz’s sister’s house for a visit with her and her daughter and son in law and their 2 little ones who were visiting for the weekend. Their little boy Ailin had been fishing all day with his uncle and almost fell asleep over his dinner; their little girl is not real fond of dogs, but by the time we left Suzie was her good buddy. It sure is nice to have family to visit without having to fly across the country to do it.

My Dad is doing well, although he is rather discouraged by not being able to get around better. We have managed to get him out, but mostly to eat. A couple of rides to his old fishing haunts and up here to spend time watching the river have hopefully livened things up for him a little. It is nice to be here near him and meet more of the people he associates with daily. It makes us feel like we can better understand what he is doing and who his friends are. We had a great time this past weekend with our cousins who own a camp on the east side of the lake. Mike & Marie came over from Massacusetts to open up the camp for the summer and surprised us with a visit to the motorhome Saturday night. We shared our experiences and travel photos from the year and the next day brought Dad up to their camp for a beautiful afternoon picnic on their deck overlooking the lake.

We are having a hard time filling our days as we are not working this summer, so we decided to become farmers. We have 2 tomato plants, 2 pepper plants, cantaloupe, basil, cilantro and chives in pots near the front of our site where they are hopefully getting enough sun to do well. I don’t worry too much about them getting enough water as Mother Nature is handling that problem for us with much enthusiasm.

Suzie is enjoying it here very much. There is an area on the other side of the park with only a couple of tent sites, so we can take her over there most of the time to run. Chipmunks are plentiful and chatter at her from their holes in the rocks, and there are squirrels around to give her a run before they climb the nearest pine tree. The campground can get quite full on weekends, but since school is not out yet up here we have had the place pretty much to ourselves during the week. We’ll see what happens starting next week as the area of the park we are in is for people here for the season, and most of those around us have been coming for years and their kids have all grown up together. Many of them are in high school now and don’t necessarily have the freedom to take off for the summer.

Our granddaughter Terra is coming east to look at schools in the Boston area and Ithaca, NY., so we are heading over to meet her and take her around. Part of the visit entails a soccer “showcase”, as they call it, at Tufts University, where the soccer coaches from area colleges come and meet the players who might be interested in joining their program. I am not sure if Terra really wants to come this far from home, but am glad that she is considering all opportunities which might be available to her. It will be great to have some time with her and see her reactions to the different campuses we visit.

We have spent a lot of time getting caught up with all our doctors. Buzz saw the retina specialist here that he had used before we went west, and his treatment is really on a maintenance schedule now. There isn’t much more they can do for him, although the concern about the dosage of prednisone continues. He did get a good report from the urologist which means 3 years all clear from the bladder cancer so that was definitely cause for celebration.

Unfortunately I did not make out quite as well as Buzz. My mammogram was questionable so I had another, and then they did a biopsy and diagnosed me with DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in Situ). This is a cancer in the milk duct which has NOT spread anywhere at this time. It is very early stage and not life threatening if treated, so I will be having a lumpectomy and radiation in July which should take care of the problem. I have never been worried about the results of my mammogram as no one in my family has any history of cancer except for my Mom’s problems with her skin, so the news hit me kind of hard. But I am dealing with it and will go through the necessary procedures to be sure it has as little impact on my life as possible.

I have tried 5 times to get the photos to post on this journal, and they just won't upload. So I may be about done with this site. I will give it another try in a day or two and see if I can get them up. Otherwise, I may just have to go the facebook route.

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