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Downtown Salt Lake City.

South Entrance to Temple Square.

Upclose evidence.

Temple Square Assembly Hall from the street.

North Entrance.

Capital hill.

View from Capital hill.

The Temple.

Another view.

Yes, we found a yard sale. Had to stop.

Next stop the Great Salt Lake.

Getting braver, it's warm.

We walked out from back there. Approx. 1/2 mile.

Even braver.

The black along the waters edge are millions of Knats.

Today we drove into downtown Salt Lake. We intended to walk around the Temple grounds and show the kids. It was impossible to find a parking place and the traffic was terrible. We drove around and did our best to get pictures. We should have gone on a weekday. Saturday is a busy day of Weddings. We saw several brides and grooms.

We then drove out to the lake, with one stop at a garage sale. We parked and walked out to the water's edge. It was close to a half mile walk. The kids played in the water for a while. It brought back memories from 1978 when we took our kids here. I think we took the same picture as we did then. We were a little sunburned and hungry by the time we walked back to the car.

After a stop at Chick-fil-a it was time to get back to camp and do laundry, swim and take much needed showers.

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