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Carpes at Quincy Thousand Trails
That's the Columbia River in the background

U.S 12 in west central Washington

Mt. Ranier from Packwood, WA along U.S. 12

Scenic viewpoint along U.S. 12
Carpes pose with Mt. Ranier

Interstate 82 vista

From I 82 we picked up I 90 east

Crossing the Columbia River on I 90

From I 90 we drove north to Quincy

A visit to downtown Quincy was in the works

Descending to Crescent Bar

Arriving at the Quincy Cresent Bar Thousand Trails park

We overlook the Columbia River
This is the view from our dining table

New pedestal got us 50 amps of power

Thu, 11 Jun: Out of the forest... At last!

Today was a road day. We awoke early without setting an alarm. With both of us fighting a cold the coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and general complaining was sufficent to get us going.

We'd checked tire pressure, oil levels, etc. yesterday, so this morning was mostly a matter of going thru our check lists and getting ready for the road. The roads in the Chehalis Thousand Trails park are narrow and the multitude of trees often too low to ensure easy passage for our tall coach. Hence, we elected to exit the park before connecting the tow car. Bob drove out and we rendezvoused at a road maintenance yard 1½ miles from the park.

Once the car was connected, brakes & lites checked, we rolled wheels for real at 0840. Bob took us along North Fork Road to Jackson Road four or so miles to U.S. 12. Then east on 12 for a hundred or so miles. The road is well maintained and traffic moved well at the posted 55 mph limit. We went thru several small towns, including Packwood, which boasted a gorgeous view of Mt. Ranier in her snow-clad majesty.

East of Packwood we climbed to 4,400' altitude to go thru White Pass. The scenery was gorgeous and we were snapping pix left and right. On the eastern side of the pass we descended to the dryer regions and the forest gave way to a more barren landscape. Everytime we are in the mountains we are very thankful that we have a diesel pusher with oodles of torque and a compression brake.

We switched drivers west of Yakima and picked up Interstate 82. Once east of the mountains the wind picked up and Sandi fought a crosswind all the way north to I 90. We stopped at a rest stop along I 82 for lunch. It was warm so we started our generator to run the A/C and microwave. We needed to "exercise" the generator anyway, so this was a perfect opportunity.

I 90 crosses the Columbia River, which entails a long descent to the river valley, across the river, and then back uphill. East of the river we exited I 90 to Oregon 281 north to Quincy. At Quincy we picked up OR 28, which we took west back toward the Columbia.

Eight miles or so west of Quincy we exited and descended into the Crescent Bar Recreation Area. We pulled into the Thousand Trails Crescent Bar park at 1425 and got checked in. After a brief search we found a prime site overlooking the river valley and backed in. The only negative is that the 50 ampere service at this site did not work so we plugged into the operative 30 ampere service.

Today's drive was 231 miles with a hill- and wind-crushing 7¼ mpg.

Sat, 13 Jun: Getting better...

Remember that cold that Sandi picked up on the cruise? Well, being the good wife that she is she has shared it with Bob. Yup, he is now down for the count with the sniffles, sore throat, and lotsa coughing.

We haven't left the coach other than to take the trash to a nearby dumpster. Well, we did go visit the laundry "room", which is little more than a large closet with four stacked washer/dryer machines shoehorned in. We think we'll wait till we have better facilities.

Yesterday, Friday, an electrician came out to investigate the lack of 50 ampere power at our site. He determined that it was a bad pedestal and dug it out to install a new one. The whole process was about five hours from start to finish, during which time we had no power. The sun was shining so we got along just fine on our batteries and solar panels.

We depart tomorrow morning for Newport, north east of Spokane.

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