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Misty Meadows Jam Store

Rose Bush at Jam Store

Myrtle Tree Stump

Plaque on Tree Stump

Myrtle Tree

Plaque on Myrtle Tree

Eagle made from Debris Washed Ashore

Washed Ashore Raw Materials

Henry, the Bandon Washed Qshore Sculpture

Glass Ball Purchsed at Glass Blowers Store

We had a leisurely breakfast then set off towards Bandon stopping at Misty Meadows, a roadside store Selling jams and other products from local produce. We drove to the edge of Bandon to fuel up as prices there are significantly less than other places we have passed.

We returned southwards and stopped at a Myrtle wood factory. Myrtle trees are said to grow only in this area and in Israel. It is a very hard, fine grained wood and many items are made from it. Christine purchased a few of plaques and a couple of necklaces made from it. We went along the road to place we had noted a large eagle. When we stopped, we realized it was a "Washed Ashore" sculpture made from debris picked up on the beaches, like the fish we had seen in Bandon. Interestingly, tonight on the news there was an item on Bandon and the fish was shown and described.

We went almost next door to a glass blowers where we admired some exquisite pieces and purchased a small ball with a design that gives you the appearance of looking into a tunnel or vortex.

During our travels we had received a call that the toilet we had ordered had come in, so we went directly to Port Oxford to pick it up. The fellow there was extremely helpful describing what needed to be done to install it, and loaned us a cutter for the tubing which we will return to morrow as we pass there on our way to Crescent City.

We returned to the trailer and had a quick lunch then I started to install the toilet with Christine's assistance. It went well, considering the cramped quarters in which one had to work.

We enjoyed our barbecued dinner then packed some things away in preparation for moving tomorrow, when, as I said, we plan to go into California to Crescent City.

It is interesting that the PBS station here has just aired an interview with the leader of the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon. It is interesting that the last leader who lost the independence referendum was called Salmond, and the have swapped one fish for another! It was refreshing to see some news other than the local fare that seems to be all most stations air.

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